"15" as written by and Brian Warner Jeordie White....
If you can hear this
Don't assume that I'm talking to you
Yesterday everything I thought I believed in died
But today is my birthday,
Today is my birthday
I don't need you,
I'll say it to myself
It doesn't mean I won't need somebody
Anyone with half a soul
Will hear this and they'll never leave me

If you don't know what forever feels like
I'll show you what it feels like without it
I'll show you what it feels like without it

This time I won't hesitate
To kill to protect what I believe in
This time I won't hesitate
To kill to protect what I believe in

I can get by now
I'm not really dead
But I really needed someone to save me
Leaving me alone to die
Is worse than having the guts to kill me

If you don't know what forever feels like
I'll show you what it feels like without it
I'll show you what it feels like without it

This time I won't hesitate
To kill to protect what I believe in
This time I won't hesitate
To kill to protect what I believe in

Not letting you win
Won't satisfy me
I'll teach you about loss

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"15" as written by Chris Vrenna Brian Warner


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    General Comment . . . Wow. The first time I heard it I almost broke down in tears. And almost shat my trousers.

    * takes a deep breath *

    I think this song is a statement that he's back from the Abyss and he's ready to fulfill the duties of THE Antichrist, not the Antichrist Superstar. Nietzsche said of THE Antichrist (as opposed to plain old ordinary Antichrists, like ourselves) that:

    "In a stronger age than this decaying, self-doubting present, he must yet come to us, the redeeming man, of great love and contempt, the creative spirit whose compelling strength will not let him rest in any aloofness or any beyond, whose isolation is misunderstood by the people as if it were flight from reality - while it is only his absorption, immersion, penetration into reality, so that, when he does one day emerge again into the light, he may bring home the redemption of this reality; its redemption from the curse that the hitherto reigning ideal has laid upon it. The Man of the Future, who will redeem us not only from the hitherto reigning ideal but also from that which was bound to grow from it, the Great Nausea, the Will to Nothingness, Nihilism; This bell-stroke of noon and of the great decision that liberates the will again and restores its goal to the Earth and his hope to man; This Antichrist and Antinihilist; This victor over God and nothingness - He must come one day."

    Manson's autobiography begins with this quote, but did even he know what it meant for him? For us all?

    I think this song is a statement. Girls and Boys it is quite clear: The Antichrist is HERE.

    In the song: "If you don't know what forever feels like/I'll show you what it feels like without it." (I will remove your afterlife, your immortality, your religion, as befits the role of the Antichrist).

    In the song: "If you can hear this/ don't assume that I'm talking to you." (To open his work The Antichrist, Nietzsche begins by saying the book is for certain individuals and they will know who they are. They are Hyperboreans and Antichrists. Manson is speaking to the rest of humanity in this song).

    In the song: "This time I won't hesitate/ to kill to protect what I believe in." (He's in it to win it. No more distractions, he knows now what he is).

    In the song: "Not letting you win/ won't satisfy me." (He's going for the jugular).

    In the song: "I can get by now/ I'm not really dead/ but i really needed someone to save me/ leaving me alone to die/ is worse than having the guts to kill me." (I'm no longer the Man you know. I have a reason to keep living and I just needed to be fucked over enough to see it. They saved me, though they left me to die. Now the whole world will suffer from how I've grown).

    That suffering will be brought about by the vacuum left in the wake of the death of Christianity.

    Might be grasping at straws. And bourbon, but I call it like I see it.
    PenileHyperboleon May 28, 2009   Link
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    General CommentMajority of you are all incredibly wrong lol.. it is late so i will keep this short

    the whole concept of the album is about evan, why would this song be about dita? lol..
    manson has stated this in interviews and spoken directly about this song. it can be interpreted as if you choose, but literally has NO relation with religion/god what so ever.

    '15', as mentioned.. is from his birthday 1/5. Hence 'but today is my birthday'. As the break up happened late last year and this album started being recorded at the beginning of this year... it probably was in fact written on his birthday lol, but im only guessing. The basis of '15' being a reoccuring theme throughout MA was because of the criticism and attention Manson received from a guy recieting The reflecting god lyrics in his suicide note (track 15 on AS - the album before MA)

    He has said the album is about overcoming the pain and anguish of the break up, finding happiness after falling from grace. He credits this song to saving his life as it is the time he stopped looking back and moved forward. 'yestrday everything i thought i believed in died... BUT today is my birthday' - moving on and finding something to be happy over. he has also said each song is played in the order thy were written
    closing lines of track 1. 'and ill love you if you wont make me stop'
    closing lines of this track. 'not letting you win wont satisfy me. ill teach you about loss'

    long story short, he credits this song as the most important because he stopped trying to change the past and started looking forward.

    For anyone that actually cares or intends to understand Mansons work instead of trying to break down each and every one of his lines to make wrong conclusions. nachtkabarett.com
    Whilst SOME of his work in the last 2 albums are a bit of an exception as they are based on his emotional dealings over females/relationships... Barely ANY of his work is intended to be brokn down and interpreted literally word for word. He thrives off the media and stupid people who do as his whole career has been based on negative media attention.... all the people who think an album like MA is about drug use.... haha
    philthyluv1989on October 10, 2009   Link
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    General CommentNot to discredit anyone, but I think a lot of folks are "Overstanding" Manson's newest album rather than taking it for what it actually is. Of course, any and all music should be interpreted in any way that the listener sees fit. Still, I do believe that people are missing the obvious and going directly for stranger connections when it's really an "is what it is" work.

    Manson himself commented on how a lot of the songs on this album were testaments towards how he felt to his relationships with women. How songs on this album felt like things that he should have said inside of those moments with those people.

    Yet and still, everyone is always encouraged to take what they want from what is in front of them. It's just that sometimes you overlook what is really there by looking over it for something farther down the line.
    Cabreson May 29, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationI think this song is about the day marilyn manson turned 15 years old and lost all faith in god. Something to back this up would be the lyric in paranoma of the end times or w/e its called - "the boys 15 but hes 16 gage, wants to get out of his jesus cage" i think he was 15 when he turned athiest.

    "If you can hear this
    don't assume that i'm talking to you"

    probably talking about god if god DOSE exist, because if a god really exists its not the same god manson has been talking about in his songs. its some god we all know nothing about so its not that christian god he was adressing in earlier songs in his career.

    "yesterday everything, i thought i believed in died
    but today is my birthday (x2)"

    i think he mite be saying i thought i believed in god, but w/e, but lyrics would make sense. its just addressing the day before he was actually believing in god and stuff, and now, on his 15th birthday, he lost all of that belief. and i think he mentioned in an interview that this day gave him 15 scars, and i think that he means each year is a scar to him because he has such discust for that belief.

    "i don't need you
    i'll say it to myself"

    now, realizing god doesnt exist, he convinces himself he doesnt need god.

    "it doesn't mean i won't need somebody
    anyone with half a soul
    will hear this and they'll never leave me"

    just because he doesnt believe in god doesnt mean he doesnt believe in anything else, and anyone with half a soul will never leave him unlike the god that left him, or rather, was never there.

    "if you don't know what forever feels like
    i'll show you what it feels like without it

    christianity and other religions believe in forever, an immortal soul, when they die there soul will go to heaven or hell, whereas athiests believe when they die THEY DIE. so hes lived his life without that feeling of 'forever' and it mite have effected some of the things hes done.

    "this time i won't hesitate
    to kill to protect what i believe in

    his old beliefs werent worth fighting or killing or protecting. these new athiest beliefs make enough sense to kill for and protect.

    "i can get by now
    i'm not really dead"

    its not like hes dead just because he doesnt believe in god anymore. and he can go through life with a much more open mind then before.

    "but i really needed someone to save me
    leaving me alone to die
    is worse than having the guts to kill me"

    i think the lyric is 'is worse than NOT having the guts to kill me'.
    and idk what this lyric means so someone else can have at it =P

    "not letting you win
    won't satisfy me"

    not letting god win over his soul isnt enough to satisfy him. hes gonna teach that bitch about loss =P
    meaning, hes gonna show how stupid the hole god belief is, to the point where he'll be TEACHING god about loss from how much god is LOOSING, also, god will be loosing a bunch of his believers.

    i think the basics is just, his 15th birthday, he turned athiest, decided he isnt gonna let god win, and decided to go out into the world and become marilyn manson =)
    fucken kick ass song, definitly my favorite marilyn manson song EVER which i wasnt expecting to happen.
    his new album is really good if you look into the meanings and stuff. definitely check it out.
    mosamaon May 25, 2009   Link
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    General CommentUh sorry dude but it is "is worse than having the guts to kill me"

    CD booklet is right in front of me
    (I love Australia).

    Annoying that the CD has 16 tracks just to add in a remix.
    SysteMMon May 26, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThat's a very good breakdown of the song, mosama - it being about his thoughts on god never even entered my mind.
    However, another way of interpreting the lyrics is that it may be about him and his ex-wife Dita Von Teese. I mean, they got divorced for a number of reasons, and for all we can assume, it hit Manson pretty hard (whenever I listen to EMDM, I always get the feeling the album may have been shaped by their divorce).
    So, if we assume Manson was cut pretty hard, then the lyrics can be turned around and looked at as though it's him saying his final words to her.

    "i can get by now
    i'm not really dead
    but i really needed someone to save me
    leaving me alone to die
    is worse than having the guts to kill me"

    An another note of interest, throughout Manson's work is the number '15' (mansonwiki.com/wiki/…) - and when you consider that there's every chance this could be his last album, I think it's a great way to finish his career (if it is the end for Manson.

    Meh. This song would've been wonderful when I went through a hard time with a lady friend not too long ago :P

    UltraBenon May 26, 2009   Link
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    General CommentUltraBen is right. This is another song about DVT. And, yes, EMDM was about DVT, save for 2 & 1/2 songs about Evan(If I Was Your Vampire, Heart-Shaped Glasses & half of the title track).

    But, yes, this is definitely more about Dita than it is about God. Especially if you listen to the track "If I Was Your Vampire." This song plays more of an rebounded feeling from Manson after recovering from such a depressive low.

    The line "If You Don't Know What Forever Feels Like" is a testament towards their vows said at their wedding. As is "This Time I Won't Hesitate To Kill To Protect What I Believe In", since, though Manson isn't a fan of religion, is was very serious about his marriage. Not to mention that he had a crush on Dita far before they even got together. Plus, add in the fact that he basically remodeled Evan to look more retro Burlesque, and you have the complete cocktail of feelings backing this song.

    Also, at the end of the song, when he says the lines "Not Letting You Win Won't Satisfy Me" he follows it up with "I'll Teach You About Loss." Easily one of my 3 fav tracks from this LP. Twiggy really showed that he still had it with this release. And Manson has taken to a more personal and open expression of his feelings, which I guess EMDM was the cause of the shift to blatancy over multiple subliminal meanings.

    It is, also, worth mentioning that the bulk of this album was written whilst Manson & Evan were separated. They are back together, though.
    Cabreson May 26, 2009   Link
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    General Commentokay, i'll correct a few things here. first:

    it's called 15 because it's the 15th track (as stated in an interview).

    it's about Evan Rachel Wood, not Dita. Evan has since broken up with him (as of November 2008). Apparently, she was the one who wasn't serious about the relationship this time around (to my understanding).

    the lyrics were made up on the spot of recording, and recorded in one take. the original recording was nearly 20 minutes long.
    The Reverend Abelon May 29, 2009   Link
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    General Commentmy favourite on the album in every way
    thrwmyhrtawy.on May 29, 2009   Link
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    General Commentquite an amazing song, probably my favourite from the album.
    i can compleatly relate to both of the verses these days, so beautiful. the chorus and bridge are awesome too but i cant totally relate. i love the alternate version too, you can hear his voice better
    IZFERNORon May 29, 2009   Link

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