if you save the princess from the castle
where she is kept by a cruel and evil spell
i will send a red raven to you
the raven will bring you all that you ask for
you only ask for water and food
you're pious and good for this i will reward you
with any other thing you can think to ask for
you only ask for my namesake star
for this request i'll fall in love with you
but you could not love me, for i have no human form
i am only a giver of things
rewards the deeds of braver men
living in moons with their wax and wane
i am only a giver of things
...but you could never fall in love with me
because i am just a giver and she could be your queen...

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    General CommentI don't think it's about a girl or a boy. I read somewhere this is a medievel story song, and it makes me think of Grims Fairy Tales stories. (: In most Grims Fairytale stories, there is some kind of weird/magical person who helps out the hero. I believe that is "the Giver" in this song ( "I have no human form" "I'm just a giver"). And the prince/boy saves and falls in love with the princess he saved. But the Giver (who is like a third wheel) falls in love with the prince/boy because of his kindness, but she knows he can not love her, and that he should love the princess ("She should be your queen").

    But overall, I think a message in the song is about the person who helps out someone else, and falls in love with them, but is ignored. AKA- third wheels in relationships. xD
    LaLaMoeon August 02, 2012   Link
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    General CommentThis song I believe represents a boy who is popular/rich/famous falling in love with a girl who is totally normal and boring, and stepped all over in life(thus being a "giver") rather than loving a girl who is on his level("princess"... "she could be your queen").
    avataraeraon May 17, 2011   Link
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    General CommentOr the song is about a girl who is totally pushed around or unpopular("a giver") who falls in love( "for this request I'll fall in love with you") with a boy for his noble deeds/personality/kindness, but he cannot and will not feel the same for her("But you could not love me") because he is out of her leauge or is already in love (..."because I am just a giver and she could be your queen.")
    avataraeraon May 30, 2011   Link

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