I dont really want to waste my life!
Out looking for strife in the night with a knife.
If I fight, I fight for your life not hampered by the situation
Or open invitation, with creation inside our frustration
To fight against the pain and starvation.
But on the TV screen with a standing ovation, addressing the nation
Saying this is the beginning, with the times its so fitting.
The world is shrinking and nobodys winning.
So pick up a gun dont think about you son
hes 50,000 miles from here and this cant be undone.
You hatted the enemy, you never knew why but he had to die.
And neither of you knew what you were fighting for.
And now he is dying for, not coming back for more,
Well he had a family, a kids of his own and only 23 years old.
You didnt need to be told, but no ones there for his son to hold

We suffer for the need to change, but what really changes is
Mode of destruction, its in our corruption, abduction of mind
Time, its in our design. So if we decide to hide, they lied, we tried
But nobody listens, the rising sun it glistens, risen, a new day dawning
Were longing to be in love with one another, so we follow together
Under our leaders that feed us the readers, and propaganda.

I Cannot
I am not youre suffering
I cannot
I am not youre blooded hands

How can we pull the trigger?
How can we march in silence?
How can we justify this?
How can we hold our heads up high?

Theres a cry aloud for the right choice,
we lose when we pretended we knew
Fools, who have the tools for change and rearrange
Its strange in the times of fame,
statue of solider you told her, youd phone her
Every day after day and now you lay dieing on the battle field,
Fait is sealed, reviled in heaven, its 9-11,
Armageddon, all over again
And what we gain from the pain,
its strange that nothing ever changed

The sounds of cannons and rifles the thoughts are stifled
Church bells are ringing, inside nobodies singing, ears are ringing
Jets over head, she kneels by her bed, and prays, the days are
Long as she waits for a sign, in her mind she knows its time
But theres nothing we can do about it, one man in the middle
Of a battlefield, hes been reviled, his wounds are concealed.
His goal was to bring hope, but you cant bring hope with gun now
The sun sets behind him alone

I cannot
I am not for revenge
I cannot
I am not your suicide

How can we pull the trigger?
How can we march in silence?
How can we justify this?
How can we hold our heads up high?

I dont believe in war cause when we open that door,
The horror and the gore its more then we bargained for.
Yet my vision is week, held only by the meek, is there another way?
Cause another way means another day to see,
Were not so different you and me

How can we see
How can we feel
How can we know
How can we love

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