"A Night At The Spleen" as written by Bradley Kimber, Mansur Zennelli, Christopher Decinque, Beau Fair and Michael Barrett....
Invisible is just a word
Gotta shake of the dust and the mould
'Cause I've got this feeling deep inside
And it's moving me
And it's burning me
So let's sing together:
"We've got honey dripping through our veins now baby
Sweetest we've ever been"

Listen well: I don't care where you've been
I don't care where you're from
There's honey dripping through these veins babe
I never knew that I'd feel such a swell, been so long, not a care and now I know
You've all got what I need the most

As soon as we walked in this place
My essence, it did return
My lovely dears you all nurtured it
Making it so pure
And I feel you so much more

Dance with me through the night
We'll feel all right, we'll make it last all night
Dance with me through the night
We'll take this love and make it last all night
When we're together it's elation I've never known
When we're together
I've got so much to give

Baby, baby don't you know for far too long I've been caught up in nostalgia
I almost thought the feeling was gone
Couldn't have been more wrong

Came flooding back when we all sang:
"We've got honey dripping though our veins now baby, sweetest we've ever been"

Now my troubles, they are gone
Now my troubles, they all fall away
(I've never heard you sing, but now I'm listening)

Can I ever find another night that will feel this way?

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