Jesus, Jesus, could you tell me what the problem is
With the world and all the people in it?
Because I’ve been hearing stories about the end of the world
But I’m in love with a girl and I don’t wanna leave her
And the television screams such hideous things
They’re talking about the war on the radio
They say the whole thing’s gonna blow
And we will all be left alone
No we’ll be dead and we won’t know what hit us

Jesus, Jesus, if you’re up there won’t you hear me
‘Cause I’ve been wondering if you’re listening for quite a while
And Jesus, Jesus, it’s such a pretty place we live in
And I know we fucked it up, please be kind
Don’t let us go out like the dinosaurs
Or blown to bits in a third world war
There are a hundred different things I’d still like to do
I’d like to climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower
Look up from the ground at a meteor shower
And maybe even raise a family

Jesus, Jesus, there are those that say they love you
But they have treated me so damn mean
And I know you said ‘forgive them for they know not what they do’
But sometimes I think they do
And I think about you
If all the heathens burn in hell, do all their children burn as well?
What about the Muslims and the gays and the unwed mothers?
What about me and all my friends?
Are we all sinners if we sin?
Does it even matter in the end if we’re unhappy?

Jesus, Jesus, I’m still looking for answers
Though I know that I won’t find them here tonight
But Jesus, Jesus, could you call me if you have the time?
And maybe we could meet for coffee and work it out
And maybe then I’ll understand what it’s all about

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    General Commenti wish he was popular, like he deserves to be, he is such an amazing song writer with a beautiful voice and this song is so fucking deep!
    danDhaydenon June 21, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI suppose I should start by saying I'm not a Christian. Far from one, actually. I've always believed that religion was terrible, manipulative thing. And though I still maintain these notions, this song conveys insight into the the Christian populace. Maybe not every Christian is so definitive and pretentious like I once believed. We all have doubts in our heart no matter what our upbringing may be. I suppose the point I am trying to make is that Noah is having reservations in regards to his faith and personal relationship with whatever hierarchy he believes, but its something that we all struggle with, He is questioning his surroundings which is what every individual, despite race, ethnicity, sexuality, or religion, should do. Its a beautiful song with an even better message.
    ReillyBrickellon December 21, 2013   Link
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    General CommentThis song is kinda self-explanatory, but the part that hits me the hardest is "Jesus Jesus there are those that say they love You, but they have treated me so God Damn MEAN". I feel the exact same way in my struggles with the church.

    I adore this song.
    ohilyssaon January 23, 2011   Link
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    My OpinionThis is one of the most real, honest, powerful songs I've heard. He asks questions I'm sure we all ask from time to time. Such a wonderfully well-written song.
    HELENzon August 20, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI really enjoyed this song one of the people in my college group learned how to play it and showed me this song and I had to find it for myself afterwards but this song was very well written and musically great and NG has a great voice and I can relate to this song cause for years and years now my dad has been saying worlds ending these people are evil those people are evil and I was raised that way and it was not till I started to think for myself(as all Christians and all people should do) I realized how much negativity I have made cause of what I believe and I wanted to change that and it left me with a lot of the questions in this song and I was have a lot of feelings that this song has cause I am only 20 and even though I say I dont want to I want to grow old and have a family and I want to have a great adventure I want all these things that I cant get if the world does end... All and all I had to get my parents to sign a consent form because this song took me on a feels trip,
    jhj232on December 19, 2013   Link
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    General CommentThis song is a conversation, a way to wrestle with some of the biggest questions there are to ask in life. No matter what you believe, and even if you call yourself a believer, you are still allowed to question these things. It's pretty self explanatory, but my favorite line of the whole song is the very end. Gets me every time:
    "But Jesus, Jesus, could you call me if you have the time?
    And maybe we could meet for coffee and work it out
    And maybe then I’ll understand what it’s all about"
    lainejohnsonon May 30, 2012   Link
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    General CommentGreat, deep song by Noah Gunderson. I feel for him. He's on unsteady ground trying to make sense of it all. I've certainly been there as well.

    The lines "Jesus, Jesus, there are those that say they love you/But they have treated me so damn mean" are key to this song. I've certainly felt that at times. I only became a believer in Jesus Christ a few years ago (after over 30 yrs of non-belief). One thing I can say with great assurance at this point: don't let your beliefs be dictated by other people. Christians or non-Christians - all human beings are broken and will let you down. JC is the only one without sin. The rest of us, each one of us, are wretched sinners. The Bible tells us so. BUT the thing about Christianity, unlike every other religion (and contrary to what 99% of everyone automatically assumes about Christianity), salvation comes not from our actions (how 'good' or how 'bad' we are) but rather purely from faith (i.e. belief in JC as the Son of God). ["If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God the Father raised Him from the dead, you will be saved." Romans 10-9-10] He bought our sins with his blood. That's a price we could never pay ourselves b/c we are all indeed sinners.

    Love this song. Noah is a seriously talented, thoughtful, and tenderhearted person.
    Rickveeon November 26, 2015   Link

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