"I Swear This Time I Mean It" as written by and Brooks Betts Alex Garcia....
Oh, Florida, please be still tonight
Don't disturb this love of mine
Look how she's so serene
You've gotta help me out
And count the stars to form the lines
And find the words we'll sing in time
I wanna keep her dreaming
It's my one wish
I won't forget this

I'm outdated, overrated
Morning seems so far away

So I'll sing a melody
An hope to God she's listening
Sleeping softly while I sing
And I'll be your memories
Your lullaby for all the times
Hoping that my voice could get it right

If luck is on my side tonight
My clumsy tongue will make it right
And wrists that touch
It isn't much but it's enough
To form imaginary lines
Forget your scars
We'll forget mine
The hours change so fast
Oh, God, please make this last

'Cause I'm outdated, overrated
Morning seems so far away

So I'll sing a melody
And hope to god she's listening
Sleeping softly while I sing
And I'll be your memories
Your lullaby for all the times
Hoping that my voice could get it right
Could get it right

You could crush me
Please don't crush me
'Cause baby I'm a dreamer for sure
And I won't let you down
I swear this time I mean it

And I'll sing a melody
And hope to God she's listening
Sleeping softly while I sing
And I'll be your memories
Your lullaby for all the times
Hoping that my voice could get it right

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"I Swear This Time I Mean It" as written by Brooks Betts Alex Garcia


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    General Commentthis is an amazing song. it is really good, you can tell there is a slight different in the lyrical style without jason. but it is still crazy amazing and still has that mayday feel.

    i think that derek said,
    "But How She's Oh Serene,
    You've Got To Help Me Out."

    it makes a little more sense and fits the song a little better in my mind.
    DNDellion June 16, 2009   Link
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    General CommentHaha, I know it does. In any other situation besides
    this one, I'd be the one to tell other people to just "move on".
    Except for this one ofcourse. They were my favorite band,
    and the fact that they're changing so drastically, well I can't
    really grasp the idea that I won't be hearing the same kind of
    music from them anymore. I know it happened a long time ago,
    but it's affecting me now cause I can actually see the result and
    notice the change. I dunno, they're still good and the new album
    will probably grow on me, just cause I can't just completely
    stop liking MP, but the lack of double vocals and the different
    lyrical style just makes me feel like they're a whole nother band.
    I almost want them to change their band name, haha. But yeah.
    Sorry, I get emotional about the smallest things, rofl.
    TheBluestOCTOBERon September 30, 2009   Link
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    General Commenthe wrote this song after one of the times he cheated on his girlfriend. it's just words, he doesn't mean them. Just a fact. it's still a pretty song though.
    yellowladybugon November 24, 2009   Link
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    General CommentIs this going to be on their new album?
    Does anyone know when it comes out?
    Sounds good though :)
    emchocon May 13, 2009   Link
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    General CommentYea they said they're hoping it's gonna be on the new album
    I really hope so(:
    This songs' so pretty
    ilovedereksanderson May 14, 2009   Link
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    General CommentWhen is there new album coming out?
    ohmaddieon May 14, 2009   Link
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    General Commentthere's a video of this song on youtube
    it sounds like one of their best yet.
    check it out

    emchocon May 18, 2009   Link
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    General Commentthis song is beautiful <33
    i cant wait for the album
    triplextinaaon May 23, 2009   Link
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    General CommentLove that song. It's really beautiful though lyrically simplistic.
    Derek's got a pretty awesome voice <3
    cara410on June 20, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationFlorida Please Be Still Tonight.
    Don't Disturb This Love Of Mine.
    But How She's Oh serene,
    You've Got To Help Me Out.
    Count The Stars Before The Rise.
    And Find The Words For Saving Time.
    I Want To Keep Her Dreaming,
    It's My One Wish, I Won't Forget This.

    -i think in this veres he's saying he hurt a girl, and he dosnt
    want the pain she's feeling to corrupt her, ("serene" meaning peacful,composed,calm,ect.so what she's going through to change her into a mean, angry person)
    He wants to make everything better, and he's going to do anything it takes.

    Im Out-Dated, Overrated,
    -here he's saying he's used up, and not as good as he apears,
    basically not worth her time.

    Morning Seems So Far Away.
    -seems he'd never be happy again (we all look forward to seeing the sun rise every morning).

    So I'll Sing The Melody.
    And Hope To God She's Listening,
    Sleeping Softly While I Sing,
    And I'll Be In Your Memories.
    A Lullaby For All The Times.
    Hoping That My Voice Could Get It Right:
    "-when he says he'll sing the melody,he's saying that he's singing alone,
    song's have both melodies and harmonies, theyre nothing without eachother
    he's nothing with out her, and he's hoping that if she hears his cry for forgivness
    he'll make everything better."

    If Luck Is On My Side Tonight,
    My Clumsy Tongue Will Make It Right.
    That Wispy Touch, It Isn't Much,
    But It's Enough.
    To Form Imaginary Lines.
    Forget Your Scars And Forget Mine.
    The Hours Change So Fast.
    Oh God, Please Make This Last.
    -i think here is where he's appoligizing in person
    he's hoping he can find the right words to say,and that he wont make thing even worse.
    he's also hoping that his small apoloigy ( could make them both forget what happened("forget your scars and forget mine"),the part where he says "the hours change so fast..." he saying even though these will probebly be the last moments he'll sepnd with her he's gonna cherish them.-

    You Could Crush Me, But Please Dont Crush Me.
    Cause Baby I'm A Dreamer.
    For Sure And I Won't Let You Down,
    I Swear This Time I Mean It.

    -here hesaying that she should hurt him,but he dosnt want her to,
    but he knows in reality that probably wont happen.
    later he goes on to say that he want a second chance, and he swears this time around he wont hurt her.

    ilovedereksanderson June 26, 2009   Link

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