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    General CommentIt's about being overstimulated by all the great things life has to offer. "You want it all right now!" He sounds angry when he says it, so it sickens him that people can be so greedy and demanding. Like a child wanting all the best toys, he points out that people are the same way with money, power, sex, drugs--the list goes on and on. So many great forms of stimulation. And all at once.

    Taking all of that stuff at once will make you "ultranumb," he says.
    fluffyshemon July 28, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationWow, I was surprised to see people taking this song in a darker, much more specific way. I always saw it as pretty generalized. If anything I see it as more about mass media saturation and our becoming desensitized by the tons of sex and violence we constantly see through it. Whether you "say you love it" or "say you hate it" you're still utilizing and consuming the information and content that's being broadcast and distributed. "Reality's a plague, we're the medication." seems to be most commonly ignored or forgotten by-, and doesn't really fit with everyone interpreting this song as purely sexual. The "reality" mentioned can range from the mundane every day lives of people working boring jobs who watch TV or play video games or use the internet as an escape (the medication), or the lives of those who have to experience violence, poverty and abuse first-hand, viewing these aspects of real life through electronic media reduces the impact they have on those who don't really understand them and haven't experienced it for themselves. Does watching a movie about someone whose family is killed mean you understand what it's like to have yours killed? Does playing a violent video game make you a less violent person or help you forget about other problems? Does watching simulated rape in pornography make you consider rape could be anything other than absolutely horrible? We're constantly being fed all these concepts through the mass media to the point where rather than being a portal for us to educate ourselves and understand the world around us better, it has become a buffer between our minds and reality. Think about that story about the War of the Worlds radio play where people who tuned-in freaked out because they thought we were actually being invaded by aliens. Now imagine if you turned on the tv or internet now and saw things about the Chinese invading America, you'd probably just think "sweet, when's THIS movie coming out?"
    THAT is ULTRAnumb.
    NuclearSunon May 19, 2011   Link
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    Song MeaningThe song meaning is pretty simple and much easier to understand now as the music video is out. It is about your surroundings is making you Ultra insensitive.
    Not about addiction at all.

    ''So say a benediction, For a new addiction, In voyeuristic overdrive'' Is simple the need to have something while being out in the void or nothingness aka being numb and it feels like everything is pure black (The dancers from the video) Blue Stahli refers to the void of his other songs too. As it is very empty and a need for something. Not drug addiction or sex addiction and a song to try to stop it.

    ''3 - This is the new flesh, 2 - This is the open door, 1 - We’ve got everything you wanted.'' 1. You lost everything. 2. This is a new chance (open door). 3. Now you begin to change it started.

    ''You want it all right now'' Simply being that you want everything now and not needing to wait to become possibly even more numb. It is true that it is about desire, but rather as in you want new things back now. Yes it sounds like greed as others said, but when you are numb/Ultranumb you don't care for others and you are being selfish. That is why it is so blankly said out.

    ''Reality’s a plague'''Now to become Ultranumb you have to gone through a lot. Reality was slowly but safely enough to make you numb.

    ''We're the medication.'' You've gone through a lot now you have experience and can help others. You being somewhat important. Which goes to the ''A new manipulation, Oversaturation, Take advantage of what you deny.'' Part, you manipulate yourself and add up things to the max to get the best advantage of being Ultra numb. Meaning that you make yourself believe that you are better than others.

    3 - So step right up and see, 2 - The possibilities, 1 - We are everything you wanted. Maybe this isn't that bad after all?
    Being numb swings back and fourth. Just as the Music video is a massive visual overload.

    ''Dominated by all you hated, this will make you ultranumb'' Not being able to get away the things you hate will later make you ultranumb simply as that. They are just being there kind of dominant.
    Now there is much more to write about and explain but I think you guys get it.
    Sepulchreon June 02, 2013   Link
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    My OpinionIt surprises me that nobody has suggested this possibility, so I'll propose a case for it.

    Something that's become quite common in society is the idea that positions of fame (e.g. actors/actresses, singers, models, etc.) transform people into simple puppets for corporate greed, and so they frown upon the idea of selling themselves out to be a fake cop in a movie, a cover girl, what have you. But, by human nature, we all crave attention, supremacy, and a chance to live in fantasy.

    Near the beginning of the song, the phrase "Voyeuristic overdrive" would seem to indicate a lustful onlooking of some sort - In this case, a secret envy for those who sacrifice their individuality for a phony life of corporate moneymaking.

    "This is the new flesh,
    This is the open door,
    We've got everything you wanted,"
    By all you hated,
    his will make you ULTRAnumb"
    -These lines seem to express a sort of hidden desire for a fresh opportunity which, if it were to present itself, would allow someone to start anew in a life full of potential. Given this opportunity, of course, it would be much too fantastic for most people to pass up, even if they admittedly hate the very concept of being a puppet for the media.

    "Reality's a plague; We're the medication"
    Further indicates that reality (regular life) is just common existence in a growing population, but there remains a chance (medication) to effectively remove you from reality (which means placing you into a new non-reality, or fantasy). Everyone wants to be special; nobody wants to succumb to the disease of the ordinary, so to speak.

    "One confession is such perfection,
    Your sweet repression can't hide who you really are,"
    The first step is simply to admit to a lust for a fabricated life, at which point it will become extremely difficult for you to let go, thereby "numbing" you to your prior skepticism and former sense of self in general. Who you really are, it may be said, is a a hunter of attention seeking out raise and glory (This is a fundamental characteristic of human nature).

    The idea fits quite nicely with the rest of the song, but I'll leave it at that, since I've already taken up much more text space than I had originally intended.

    The song can really apply to any of humanity's lustful aspirations or desires hidden beneath an external display of disapproval. I simply use the "corporate puppet" example because it seems to fit especially well.
    XtremeHairballon December 09, 2011   Link
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    General CommentAll songs are designed to have different meanings for different people. I personally find this song about us searching for things to feed our carnal desires, drugs, sex, movies, even facebook, etc etc to make us Ultranumb to the things of reality. "Realities a plaque, we're the medication" is talking about how we self-medicate ourselves in this way.

    "Dominated by all you hated" is talking about how when we get rejected or hurt, especially those you hate, how you let yourself be controlled by it and look for satisfaction and numbness from other sources. Pretty much it is a song on desensitization from the world.
    FreezerGhoston June 09, 2011   Link
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    My OpinionI don't think the song is meant to be looked into too deeply. It's calling out filthy lustful human desire and consumption.

    You the listener are human, an animal with needs. A slave to addiction.

    "So say a benediction,
    For a new addiction,
    In voyeuristic overdrive"

    Pray for it. Beg for it. Your lewd raw desires need to be fed, you don't care who see's or how naked exposed it makes you.

    But a drug is not limited to substance. Greed, sexuality, music, food, violence, blood & gore etc. All tools used to design a reality which thrives off capital gain based off the manipulation of your darkest desires.

    We're always consuming, we want more. Never satisfied because we become "Numb' to stimulation from what we have now.

    "3.2.1 Reality’s a plague, We’re the medication" The countdown from hypnosis, snap out of this plagued reality and jump into ours. The song itself is a play on the subject, telling the listener "we have everything you wanted", your true desires. The infectious wave of this sound will overstimulate you to the point of "Ultra"numbness.

    "One confession is such perfection.Your sweet repression can’t hide who you really are" Don't try to convince yourself that you're above the influence. You're a slave to your desires. You hate it but it's ok because we love and embrace your shame.
    OmegaSparkon March 01, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationThis song is about vices and dirty pleasures, and someone who has completely fallen into them to the point of being controlled by his vices.

    The words of the songs are the Vices themselves personified talking to the one who has fallen for them.

    "You want it full frontal, overstimulation" - You need to enjoy pleasure directly and at its fullest in order to reach the maximum stimulation.

    "So say a benediction for a new addiction" - Pretty self-explanatory.

    "This is the new flesh" - This is your new body.
    "This is the open door" - Pleasure is the way out of your misery.
    "We've got everything you wanted" - The Vices try to persuade him.

    "YOU WANT IT ALL RIGHT NOW!"- This angry part represents the strenght of the impulse of pursuing pleasure, and how someone who has become addicted wants what he needs without waiting (drugs, gambling, sex, alcohol, tobacco...)

    "Violated, so degraded, the show has just begun!" - The man gave in to the vices and now he is becoming their puppet.

    "Dominated by all you hated" - He tried to fight his impulses, but he was defeated.

    "This will make you ULTRAnumb!" - Addiction numbs your mind and makes you unable to think straight, you only want what you need and don't care about anything else: you start making distance between you and your loved ones, you spend all your money, etc.

    "Reality’s a plague, We’re the medication." - Pleasure and vices are the best way to escape reality.

    "A new manipulation,
    Take advantage of what you deny." - The more you deny them, the stronger the vices get.

    "So step right up and see the possibilities,
    We are everything you wanted." - Just give up, the vices offer an easy escape, easy pleasure.

    "One confession is such perfection, your sweet repression can’t hide who you really are." - You can deny it, but the vices know your willpower is weak, and they will not hesitate to try and corrupt you, making you the worst possible you can be and make you think you really are wicked.

    "Say you love it!
    Say you hate it!
    Doesn’t matter ‘cause you’re all the same!" - All humans have their dirty pleasures. Those who say they are perfect are lying: some may love their vices, some may hate themselves for them, but all humans have them.

    "Say you want it!
    Say you need it!
    Come and get it ‘cause we love the shame!" - The vices revel in seeing someone broken inside, they find pleasure in seeing someone successfully corrupted begging to obtain the object of their desire, and are eager to satisfy you at the cost of your dignity.

    "Say you love it!
    Say you hate it!
    Just another one to suck the fame!" - Again, humans are all the same.

    "Don’t pretend that you’re better than this" - There is no way of denying you are a puppet of your vices now, drop your facade of respectability and fully give yourself to pleasure.

    "Malevolence goes both ways!" - This implies that addiction makes you essentially a worse person.
    Dankzeroon August 02, 2015   Link
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    General CommentFor me it's about a relationship between a crazy person and a 'normal one'.

    She wants to be like him to please him. He wants it too. He wants it now, he wants her to become numb.

    She is addicted to him and can't leave him, he uses her and wants her for him for his own. Right now. He wants her to become extremely numb.

    For him the show has just begun, he is dominant she is sub. He basically teachers her to become like him, manipulates her, takes advantage over her.

    The open door is basically the door she'll step through to become like him.

    She feels pressured, he enjoys it. He abuses her, she won't leave him because she loves him.

    Deep down she also does. And in the end, she becomes like him, ultranumb. The show ends.
    vikingqueenon June 27, 2017   Link
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    General Commentthis songs is awesome, Bret has a great voice with lots of energy

    i think it's about addiction (sexual?) and the battle to overcome it
    iwnbts17on November 10, 2009   Link
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    General CommentMy favorite Blue Stahli song by far. When I first heard this song I thought it was about enjoying drugs or something which didn't sit to well with me, but after a few listens to it I agree with iwnbts. Its definitely about trying to overcome addiction.
    seelefireon January 24, 2010   Link

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