"I Quit Girls" as written by and Brian King David Prowse....
She wears white
Six days a week
She was just
One of those girls
And if you're lucky
On the seventh day
She'll wear nothing

She was just
One of those girls

After her
I quit girls

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"I Quit Girls" as written by David Prowse Brian King

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I Quit Girls song meanings
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    General Commenti think what he was trying to say was that this girl he was totally in love with. He worshipped the girl and no other girl could compare. She was his angel, his true love, coated in white. But with most relationships it however degenerated. The relationship started off amazing, everything new and exciting, but things started to go stale as most relationshiops do and it broke down. He still loves her, but he sees through all the rubbish now and what was once love turned to hate, what once got him excited, does not get him excited anymore. He still loves her, his true love, but knows it will never work. They broke up, he took it bad but he still loves her so and cant quite understand why. He's quit girls cause he got his heart broken. He is trying to tell himself there are plenty other fish in the sea so to speak but the very fact he still loves her, he cant kid himself even if he is trying to kid his friends etc. We all been there
    ziggyban82on January 08, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationThis might be a little off the wall, but check it out (also, this interpretation is laden in gender stereotype, which I may not even agree with, but definitely exist):

    So, I think this song is the point of the whole album. Listen to the whole thing, and you have awesome but (consciously) naive songs about women. Chasing women, worshiping women, begging women; in the end it is an entirely male album. I think it's more about men than women really, and I heck, I think the theme of the album is male confusion (this only works if you agree that the first songs are naive songs about women chasing, and my interpretation of this last song is spot on).

    So this song is a realization of male confusion. "She wears white, six days a week", I think this is the often heard male desire and expectation for a woman to be pure. Either for the innocent damsel, or a more base desire for conquest. At least I think of "white" as either purity or death, and I hope they weren't saying she was dead six days a week. However, contradicting this is: "and if you're lucky on the seventh day she'll wear nothing". So she is pure, and if I am lucky she will be impure.

    Then we have: "She was just one of those girls". This lyric makes me think one of two things, first she might be one of "those" girls, i.e. (or is it e.g.?) she is a particular special kind of girl. More interestingly to me is hearing it as: she was just one of those "girls", i.e. completely alien to me as a male.

    Finally, you have "after her, I quit girls", which could mean many things, but I hear as a naive expression of frustration.

    So, if you feel like going with my over arching interpretation of this album, you have a bunch of songs about chasing girls, one song (crazy/forever) about your best friend, and a final song realizing utter male confusion.

    Finally, TL:DR: This song is male psychology to a T: a desire for women, a contradictory expectation of what women should be, cognitive dissonance. This album is a brilliant observation about my crazy manbrain. Or I am up my own ass. Whatever.
    willboon May 19, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationI think "she wears white six days a week" could mean she is a Catholic school girl (white dress shirt), and the sixth day would be Sunday mass. OR that she is a private school girl with a uniform and she goes to church on Sunday.

    But she isn't an "easy" or promiscuous girl at all. So you're lucky if she lets you in.

    I think this song may be talking about the allure of a girl like that who, from a public school perspective, if the holy grail, this mysterious type of girl who doesn't go to the same school as you. Sounds funny, but us guys are weird little dudes in high school (not that this changes as we get older...).

    I think "she was just one of those girls" doesn't mean to belittle her or reduce her to the same as any girl. I think the lyrics means "She was just...(pause)...one of those girls..." meaning the type of girl you don't come across often. She changes your life, makes you rethink things. After her he quit girls. How could anyone else compare? Also: maybe he quit "girls" because he realized she was a woman. She matured him.

    So in this interpretation the band really respects this young woman, looks back at her in awe. There are such few lyrics, so maybe we're not meant to really know the meaning of each line. Maybe the band is just snapshotting a memory or a moment in time, because too many words would just fail to convey the feeling.
    paskeyon November 06, 2012   Link
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    General CommentIt's obviously about high school... possibly about being with a cheerleader (I'm not sure about it though). The fact she's wearing any clothing six days a week shows that she's probbably in high school. The white may refer to the cheerleading unfirom and so is "she was just one of those girls". Also i think the limited lyrics are to show that it's really shallow, the relationship they have. She's probbably just an amazing girl in his class, and when you're actually still in class you may this that girl the top beauty you forget there's this whole world after high school, but you still think that after her you won't need to be with any other girl...
    triangleomeron August 14, 2012   Link
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    General CommentThere's a lot of good points of view here. I've always thought this song was saying, "When you've had the best, you don't need the rest." At which point, I guess you got to retire your jersey and maybe turn a-sexual like you're Morrissey or somebody. Seems unfair.
    HowlingMadon December 21, 2012   Link
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    General Commentso simple yet so fucking awesome!
    dlistbloggeron October 02, 2009   Link
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    General CommentIncredible song, not sure as to why this one hasn't been commented on more (to me, it's the best song on the album and probably the best closing song this year).

    As to the meaning, well, it's basically about giving up on girls after a really terrible break-up/ let down. From the verse, it seems that the girl has become a huge slut, and it breaks the singer's heart to see her do that after she was with him. The "she was just one of those girls" line could possibly be the singer telling himself that "eh, she was just like all the others" to make himself feel better, or he still loves her in a sense. And jesus, the ending, just wow, the repetition of "after her after her i quit girls" is incredible, especially with that music being played in the background at the end (from the slow beginning to the fast end where the drums come in). Interpretation is probably wrong but that's the way I see it -shrug-
    Mwz15on November 03, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThe way I see it is this guy meets a girl that he really likes. He knows that she's the best he'll ever have,and after her he'll quit girls.
    IAmOneon November 17, 2009   Link
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    General Commentmy interpretation is- she wears white.. she's pure, beautiful, so much so shes unattainable. if he's lucky he'll get to sleep with her.. even though she's way out of his league. Just one of those girls..
    Most of us at some point will be with someone you know is just a little too perfect.. and when you lose them its hard to move on 'cause you know you had perfection and you had to watch it slip through your paws! :)
    wicked track!
    cassandridason December 04, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI think its more like she wears white because she acts like shes a good girl but really shes a slut. he really liked her but she was just looking to get laid. so he tells himself she was just one of those girls to make him feel better. even though he knows he could do better he still wants her so he gives up altogether
    Bradridesbmxon December 08, 2009   Link

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