I got two women that are on my mind
The one I got and the one I can't find
Mary's a sweetie, God bless her soul
Her heart's a treasure box full of solid gold
And when I'm lying next to her at night
My mind takes off in a fanciful flight
Off of my bed and over my house
Like the voice in the water
It just searches all about

Mary, oh Mary
I love you, I do
Just not in the same way that you love me, too
I think it's time we go our separate ways
My mind's made up and I don't think it's gonna change

Rachael was a beauty and her kisses, fire
Just like her daddy, though, she too was a liar

Megan's smile was a rainbow
And her tears, the rain
But I could never find the sunshine to cure her pain

Sarah knew how to bake a mean apple pie
But she could never let those sleeping dogs just lie

Amy was gentle and as calm as a lake
But hidden in her was an anger that I couldn't take

Mary, oh Mary
I hope you're doing okay
We haven't talked in so many days
I hope you found someone that makes you laugh
I hope your heart's as bright and green as the grass

One night I went driving with a friend from my hometown
We turned the radio up
Didn't make a sound
She laid her head back
Closed her eyes and smiled
Thought to myself
"Hey, I could get used to this awhile"
Our hearts spoke what our mouths could not
A couple days later, though, she said she forgot
I tried to remind her
But she did not care
For some, love's too terrible a thing to bear

Mary, oh Mary
I miss you, today
I was wondering if it would be okay
If I came over just to say hello
I won't leave until you tell me to go

I believe, one day, that the world's gonna end
Some of us will be forgiven for the wrong we did
Hope we all will
But I just don't know
All this talk about the sheep and the goats
I looked for love in more places than others
Both beneath the sheets and atop the covers
God, if your love could pierce me with your arrows
Through my stubborn heart and my hardened marrow

Mary, oh Mary
You look beautiful in white
My eyes had never seen such a sight
I hope he loves you like I never could
I hope he loves you like I never would

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