Turn day into the night
Face to wash, teeth to floss
More coffee down the drain
Concerta in my brain
But got nothing yet to show

I had to read the facts
Back to back
Book to book
Can’t sleep until I’m done
But at that time the sun
Will come up
And keep my high

You’re never ever gonna find me
I’m worn out, gon’ run away
I need to get some sleep

I’m dying to leave the work behind me
Get inspired, and find my way
I need to get some….

Turn night into the day
Rain to snow
We’re cold but we’re alive
Another month inside
But got nothing yet to show

That’s just the way it goes
Some do fine
Some do lines
And some just stay awake
No time to take a break
Or escape into a dream


It’s comin around
It’s comin around
It’s comin around

It’s comin around
It’s comin around
It’s comint around

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    Song MeaningI loveee this song, probably because I can relate. Concerta is long lasting Ritalin, although more "college students" use adderall. This song is about the pressures of work and needing a drug to help you out. He would rather sleep, because neuroenhancers usually cause insomnia. I also think he's saying that rather than do the work he'd rather sleep or spend time getting inspired; meds can make you a zombie. I think the song is a progression of taking measures into your own hands: He needs to study and coffee isn't enough, "More coffee down the drain." He has a long night ahead of him and loads to study, "I had to read the facts; Back to back; Book to book; Can't sleep until I'm done." He takes the pill, pills whatever and waits for it to kick in, "But got nothing yet to show." By the end of the song it's kicking in, "It’s comin around." Atleast, this is what I think they meant.
    fixedaffectionon May 14, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI am totally in love with this song.
    I agree with fixedaffection, but I can relate just because sometimes I just can't sleep and I feel like I can't live unless I sleep...
    My favorite part is
    "You're never ever gonna find me
    I'm worn out, gon' run away
    I need to get some sleep"
    Also I love the distorted vocals at the end.
    DecemberSunon August 31, 2009   Link

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