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The basement's filled with coal
And the lamp's burning on the floor
Lost you today, forgot to say, that
"You can ask for more"

The wind has shifted faces
And the water level's low
August crawls,
My body's yours
As the summer falls

Tumble through,
Burning through the fire
Cut in at the seams,
Make me feel always,
For always,
It's you, that I see(k)

Lunatics get lucky
And everybody knows
The willows will hang their heads
And the bitter swing low
From where I sit,
With your back turned--
Here it's just begun!

(chorus 2x)

It's getting much too late
In the bus back to the city
The day is ending, ending dark
And maybe so are we

When the final summer ends,
If I could come back down to earth
I would only live my life again
What would that be worth?

If I can only kiss you once again
What would that be worth?

If I could fly back down to earth
What would that be worth?

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    General Commenti think this is on one of the arts&crafts samplers, am i right? i've only heard a very small clip of it as a ringtone suprisingly enough but i need to hear the whole thing. could anyone send it to me?? please!
    mrs-mojo-risinon March 10, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI have this song but I got it from the itunes store so it has DRM on the file, which kinda sucks. Great tune and I think the lyrics are pretty much correct, although I have a few suggestions:
    "i lost you today, forgot to say, that you can ask for more"
    "From where I sit, with your back turned, here it's just begun"
    mr-numbon March 12, 2008   Link
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    General Commentminor correction:
    and the lamps burning on the floor - should be "the lamp's burning out again!"

    the willows will hang their heads
    and the bitter will swing low

    I think it might be "in the bittersweet row" but not too sure. Row makes sense here as as co trees and getting into a fight and also a row of desks/chairs?...

    The willows will hang their heads
    In the bittersweet row
    From where I sit,
    With your back turned
    Here it's just begun!

    pragmaticon April 05, 2009   Link
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    General CommentHave they ever released the actual lyrics to this? I always assumed the chorus was something akin to, "Tumble through the flowers / Coming out at the seeds / But for always, for always/ It's you that I see(k)."
    kmb187on May 03, 2009   Link
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    General CommentAs far as I know, no because the song is not on any official stars album, or on any EP's. Currently it's a digital download as a single or on compilations!

    The chorus is very difficult to figure out. I'm quite sure the first two lines have to do with "fire" after that, it's open to interpretation. I do like your take on it though. I think I do hear "seeds" but I can also hear "leaves" too... I think it's that blurring effect of two vocals that makes the lyrics so hard to make out.
    pragmaticon May 06, 2009   Link
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    General Commentim hearing a couple things differently, myself. perhaps:

    "coal" as opposed to "cold"
    "August crawls" : "all these crops"
    "tumble" : "burning"
    "cut in at the seams" : "could i see you leave y'see"
    "but for always" : "make me feel always"
    "bitter swing low" : "bittersweet row"
    "in" : "on"
    "will" : "are"
    "if i could" : "i would"
    "could" : "can"
    ao76421on June 16, 2010   Link

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