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Well I'm sorry and I apologize
For any pain I may have caused you
And I made you my enemy
But Now I need you as my friend
And I've been wrong for so long
Not to ask for your forgiveness
And if you don't accept, I'll understand
But I need to make amends
But I need to make amends

It's hard for me to say this
But I've been going through some changes
And I'm really not quite sure where to begin
I've been kissing devils
And fighting angels
Putting the rest of you in danger
And blaming you for the turmoil beneath my skin
And my twisted versions of the truth
Are a weak man's attempt to look better than you
Can't believe your pain never gave you a grin
And I've wanted to kill a thousand times
But I think I just thought that I wouldn't survive
But I found happiness ain't something to win


Well, I've lied to you so many times
With a mad desire to control your mind
Searching for things to no one finds
And I've killed your time and stole you blind
I've taught you things you don't need to learn
So I can cut in line and take your turn
I've filled your head with snakes and worms
On my search for a bridge to burn
I wanna live with no uncertainty
But that man in the mirror's been hurtin' me.
And I've come to you, cause there's nowhere else to go


If you see me sad, don't pity it
I've been a God damn idiot
My life, my fault, my actions make me break
And I can't even see it, so be it
That's what I think
When everybody's gonna blame the world
I blame my mom and dad and put it in a song
I'm weak, so I act strong
I'm short, so I talk long
And layin' in the hospital
I think, have I been wrong?
All along
I'm 29, still playin' "Look at me!"
What am I, three?
Self-esteem on E
Can't you see
I've been often negligent
Almost never benevolent
I think I'm intelligent
But mostly irrelevant
Cause I ain't changed one bit
Even though I quit
Who cares if I'm sober if
I'm still gonna steal shit
I had to be broken down
Another apocalypse
To see what I had missed
And just come and tell you this
My pride, gotta suck it up
My gut, gotta tuck it up
So here goes, dawg
I love you
I fucked it up

[Chorus] x2

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    General CommentI think this song is about: When you are battleing addictions and you push away everyone around you who tries to help or shows any interest in your problem, because when you are fucked up they play the bad guy role trying to limit or cut you off, but later you realize they were trying to help. Even though you have hurt the people you must apologize now that you realize you were wrong, so you must make ammends with your family and freinds whether they accept it or not. I think he also realized that even though he had stopped the drugs he is still stealing and sees that maybe the drug wasnt the only problem, and that is what he has become even now that he doesnt use anymore he still has the lifestyle.
    So yerp thats what I think first comment and all <3
    MissNewRealizationon October 07, 2009   Link

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