It was the time of summer lightning, you must've caught my heart off-guard,
You sent me a letter, the ink'd run in the rain, you wrote, "Our love turned out as fleeting as the smoke from a joint."
I sucked my stomach in and imagined your nipples hard

On the humpbacked bridge where some kid had scrawled "Audrey Loves Mikey 4 ever" and I wondered if forever had expired yet
You said, "It's not a lover you need, more like an exorcist."
I said, "I was just never much good at that happiness thing.
I had those baby-buggy blues at barely six months old.
But where the hell am I gonna find redemption this time of night?"
I felt a raindrop hit my wrist and trickle down into my palm

You introduced me to this guy you'd met
Maybe the love of your life, you said
Everybody said he looked like Steve McQueen
You met him at your brother's funeral
He said he got a hard-on at just the sound of your voice
But I said, "You just don't look right together, you just look strange together."
I watched my footprints in the mud fill up with rain
You sent me flowers I heard you stole from a grave

I'm driving with my knees while I light a cigarette
There's a roller-skater hanging off the back of a bus
And the wind shakes the night like it's some hussy it owns
And you're sitting close beside me in your tight black capris
And the city's lit up like a circuit-board
And the cars move round the ring-road like jewels round a noose
I said, "I love this scuzzy neighborhood, it's where I belong.
I rent a room from a poisoner that I met in the joint
We sit up half the night talking about the meaning of life
About the white-knuckle ride from birth to death
From the delivery-room to the chapel of rest."
You said, "I hate it when you take yourself for some kind of fucking saint."
I said, "Level with me, Audrey, are you really gonna marry that guy?
His ring will hit your finger like a cell-door closing."
And in dead kind of voice you said, "Why don't you just drive me home?"

Audrey got married in a turquoise dress
On a cruel and heartless sort of day
And Wonderboy wore his leg in a cast
I watched it all from a car parked down the street
Now I've found a job at a music store
Full of kids playing fuzz guitar all day
I heard God speak in a cloud of reverb
He said, "Aww, man, just let it go, it's the only way."
I met a woman called Gemma
We took a ride on the Tunnel of Love
She's with me right now, picking at a tuna melt
I know sad stuff happens, it don't mean jack shit
But I can't stop thinking 'bout Audrey
I just can't shake off Audrey
You know the time I love the best?
You know the time I hate the most?
It's the time of summer lightning
The time of summer lightning

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