hey Mrs. see, please don't jump
"why not, nothing is making sense anymore to me
I don't know when I stopped making him smile.
Now the kids see me cry all the time."

From one mother to the other
They'll never get over this
for their lifetime all their wishes
will be dashed upon those cliffs.

So let's be, be strong you and me
The night is o-opening
Our angels are falling
and they will warm
they'll warm us
She asked, "Right Now?
Right Here?"
I'm feelin' soon,
soon my dear,
maybe california
maybe california.

As mothers we have our troubles
You'll leave them with emptiness
for their lifetime all their wishes will be dashed upon those cliffs
those cliffs

So let's be strong you and me
the night is o- it is opening
our angels are falling
and they will warm
they will warm us
She asked, "Right Now?
Right Here?"
I'm feelin' soon so soon my dear,
maybe california
maybe california
Until then there will be
starlight shining down
for every tear in every town

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    General CommentFirst of all, a big thank you to Tori for the free download of this song and its associated video from her website. It's a great song, and a wonderful gesture much appreciated.

    My first impression of the song was one of intense sadness. The woman in the video never smiles once. All around her people are enjoying themselves in various entertainments, but she is utterly alone and doesn't interact with anybody. She no longer makes her husband smile, she cries all the time, she sees no reason to carry on living and she is contemplating suicide.

    But Tori's response is: don't do it. Don't jump because your kids love you, whether you can see that right now or not, and your death would kill a part of their joy forever. And don't jump because there is comfort, not right now and right here, but coming soon from another source. Just be strong and ride out the pain and things will get better. A message of hope.
    Romeon May 03, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis was the real stand out on the album for me... I love this song it's so beautiful and melancholy.

    I really related to this song because my mother is Bipolar/has BPD and I've never heard a song that really fits until this one... this song is everything I ever would have wanted to say to her had I known when she was hospitalised all those times. So yeah.. thanks Tori yet again for making my musical life complete =p
    antisheepon May 19, 2009   Link
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    My Opinionwow. what does this song mean to me? everything. i'm a mom...the most rewarding and feared job title i own. and my ability to do my job well has become so in jeopardy, that although i have not contemplated anything near suicide...i did dream about it. i awoke, shocked to the core. then there it was...in melody...my world in a song...tori's ability to tap into the bare naked truth continues to astound me...
    sohoon June 18, 2009   Link
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    General CommentAntisheep, there is another song that touches on having a relationship with a person who is Bi-Polar. Tori wrote it for her friend Beene....it's called Carbon. Check that out. My dad is Bi-polar, so I can relate.

    parasolon September 02, 2009   Link
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    General Commenton NPR tori said this song was the result of talking to women who were sane and not crazy, but had considered suicide. She said that these women, married women, as a result of their husband losing a job, and trouble in the marriage, and the fact that the husbands self worth was suffering, that they thought the only solution to all that pain and suffering was to as tori put it "take themselves out of the picture", or kill themselves. I am curious as to if this is modern day women, she is talking about, or women of the past?
    radiohead33on November 25, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis song is not about a mother but motherhood itself, i guess. Though it has hopeful lyrics, it gives me more pain and cry everytime i listen.

    When you become a mother, you don't have decisions only for your life, you have decisions also for your kids, your family. In the middle of emptiness of your life, you may want to end it but if there are ones in your life, that will not be easy because of the responsibility. "For their lifetime, all their wishes will be dashed upon those cliffs."

    So let's be strong, because there is worse but it's okay we'll get over this because we'll find a way out to enjoy it. And when the suicidal mother asks "really?" Tori respones kindly "I don't know honey but these are the rules of motherhood, get over this."

    esen_tanon January 11, 2014   Link

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