i'm jocelyn and i'm in IB
i'll tell you 10 reasons why i hate it
see i'm in a room of thirty people from junior high,
they were the ones who would laugh, while i sat in the bathroom and cried,
see i was that generic emo/goth kid, the one who all the emos hated.
i was cramping their style with all the satanic speak
so i sat in my room and did my homework like a geek.
now i'm in a room for hours with these people.
i'd rather be hanging off a steeple.

now they're not all bad, it's just the classes,
though some of these kids are slower than mollases
actually they're all smart, it's just me to doesn't get a thing,
instead of math i'd rather be dealing with a bee sting.

now the teachers they're even worse,
i've even heard one of them curse.
"you're not prepared for ib, omg my divorce."
i get it, just tell me about ecosystems.

all the work, isn't that bad when you have no friends.
probably because you were glasses without a lens,
meekakitty can do it, but not me.
i guess it's different when you're not a e-celebrity

C-A-S, cas, community, action, service,
no not action like actually getting a boyfriend,
action like golf or basketball.
i'd much rather throw myself off the mall.

now vis com isn't even IB,
but why not complain about that too,
ten hours on perfect circles,
makes me want to leave miss bovy black and blue.

"everyone in high school has to do essays."
but are theres a million words long?
has there teacher been telling them they can't make it all along.

"i have a perfect 7 in IB"
well really i just sound like a tool who thinks sevens are cool.
why couldn't ib be normal and at least rate out of 10,
or the normal hundred, like the rest.

I am someone who uses the B in IB as am.
i get it that was so first semester,
when you're a "normal high school kid"
and you say "I B A Dumbass."
I'm really starting to agree,
you beat me on a test for a normal class,
well i got recommended for IB while you got a thirty three in math!

Now if you drop out of IB
you know we'll criticize you
"you're unfit, we're the shit, there's only one thing to do."
ignore the drop out, get the cops out
we all know who will start the next lock down

now stay in IB kids because you'll make your life easier,
though you can't do anything you want
the only upside is being smarter than everyone
you can rub it in their face
but they get a normal child hood, while you are part of a rat race
stay in school sign up for general math
heck go for resource,
high school sucks don't make it more suckish
by signing up for ib
be one of those kids on the outside looking in
laughing at them as if you were gonna pee.
pee i b a peer
see it's really not that cool

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