"My America" as written by and Niclas Patrik Frisk Nina Persson....
Darlin', darlin', the moon went out tonight
And I'm caught like a doe in your headlights
Oh yeah, alright, I'm yours to knock around
I'm a little too starstruck to wanna fight

Oo-e-oo-ee, it's a cold hearted world
oo-e-oo-ee-oo , I'm gonna be your girl
It's a little too late to cry
You're my America

Not quite, snow white, it came down all night
And put a filter of ash on the sunrise
Oh yeah, alright, move a little bit closer
Lay your big dirty hands on my innocence

Oo-e-oo-ee, it's a cold hearted world
oo-e-oo-ee-oo , I'm gonna be your girl
It's just a little too late to cry
You're my America

Ooh, heaven laughs at us now, baby
But we'll be shootin' it down, honey
It's a little too late to hope and pray for a miracle
You're my America

Hey rockstar, you're my America
Hey rockstar, you're my America
You're my America, aah ha

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"My America" as written by Niclas Patrik Frisk Nathan Peter Larson


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    General CommentIt's about how the United States (or we can also say, England) transmits an image to the rest of the world like it's the perfect country, the perfect culture, economy, and way of doing all kinds of things, etc., when in reality they're abusing of your natural and even human resources, making war, killing directly and indirectly, encouraging and forcing other countries to have people working in a sub-conditions job to keep up in the economy system exporting products to them. They're able to see all the misery in many parts of the world, it's the richest country but they won't help! All US does is trade agreements that in the end will ultimately benefit it more than the other country in question.

    We're bombarded with crap music, eating habits and fast food from multinational corporations from there, we're teach to dream about traveling and living in the "the best nation in the world"... The great majority of people simply never stop to think about it, to think how fake it's, how egoist it's. The song is about how the countries fall like a duck to this country's seducing manners. The singer is playing the role of a country or citizen that has been blind by this rockstar-like US, innocently handing everything it has.

    Sang in the perfect tone by Nina Persson! :)
    rafaelluikon December 16, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is about somebody's first time having sex. "My America" is a metaphor. Like Colonialists conquered America (The New World), she is conquering her first lover, or maybe just a new lover.
    daniel625on September 21, 2009   Link

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