Some cold shit
Never do they know shit about Bonez and Otis
We leavin another demon bleedin on the ground hopeless
You get posted if you get too close
And piggies gettin roasted for all they bullshit
I'm on my way to hell but not to burn with the kettle
I'm on a mission to assassinate the fuckin devil
I'm gonna walk up and stab him in his ?? face
And show him the meaning of what it really is to hate
I know the feelin that you get when anger's scratchin at ya
Like when you step into a class and they all laughin at ya
But you know in the end you have to face what they've done
The happy, the sad, the ugly and the pretty one
So how many are ready for the machete and axe
How many are ready to uncover the truth and facts
About this life and every lie we've ever been told
In control Live honorably and save your soul
Lock and load and fall into the calvary
Ride hard and turn demons into casualties
Stand tall and get your foes and your fuckin friends
Cause some friends end up bein demons in the end
And keep those who are true to you close
And if you find someone to hold onto then never let go
And just know eventually we blowin somebody's shit up
Cops, politicians, and judges you all can get fucked
Like Whut! I'm walkin in the courthouse
So many sinners that it's more like a whore house
I face the judge and he's tellin me that I'm pathetic
I stabbed him with a pencil Now they screamin for a medic
And as the blood spills all over his desk
I hope he knows that with his death we have been blessed
Yes I had to flex and take his breath
Cause there's no mercy for the evil ones that must infect
Their evil ways upon the unsuspecting planet
I sent the whole courtroom into a fuckin panic
I raise my axe and I let it drop
And they all went runnin around the room like chickens with their heads cut off

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