Let me tell you a story about a crazy bitch from big-D
Got an ass for a skinny bitch, livin' in the city
Livin' off mom and daddy, spendin' money, gettin' shitty
Get fucked, did he even say your hair was fuckin' pretty?

Yeah, she's always been happy on her back
Gettin' slapped with a cock on her snatch
Oh my god, is that a rash?
Givin' up the ass so fast it's sad, beatin' it up like Everlast
Check the hour glass; how much time has passed?

So me and this bitch get to goin' to a party
Gotta couple drinks in her now she's lookin' kinda horny
Now she's lookin kinda flirty, snortin', laughin' kinda nerdy
You know how it be, she was lookin' at me, now we gettin' kinda dirty

But little do I know this bitch be tryin' to play me a fuckin' trick
Bitch, how am I 'posed calm down when you grindin' on my dick?
I thought I guess I'll spend some time to get that behind
But I'll come to find out that it ain't that hard to get up in your shit

Legs split, little tits in my fists
Little mitts on my prick, shake her up, shake her up a little bit
No self respect, just gettin' wrecked, just gettin' sexed by the best
No time to rest, no time to test the waters, divin' in and gettin' sick

I really wish I hadn't done all that although it may have been deemed
Necessary even though it makes me want to fucking scream
It makes me want to fucking scream
It makes me want to fucking scream
It makes me want to fucking scream
It makes me want to [screams]

Let me get this back on track, this bitch was whack
Probably smokin' crack, doin' smack off a hooker's rack
Always livin' in the past, never giving back all the crap I spat
At her ungrateful ass

So the day I leave for Cali, girly got this dude named Mikey
Now he owes me a lot of money and he better give it to me
'Cause I put up with his shit once; long story short: she's a slut
But what did I expect when I got it so fast?
I was ignorant as fuck

She's an overratin', hatin', stubborn bitch, a spawn of Satan
Baitin' boys to her bedroom to con them into matin'
To con them into stayin'; Using condoms or just fakin'?
I don't think I'm mistaken but your cervix must me breakin'

So I hope I got you thinkin' all the boys that you've been fuckin'
Must be tired of fuckin' tastin' all the cock that you've been suckin'
All the cum that you've been chuggin', all the nuts that you've been bustin'
All the niggaz you've been hustlin', gettin' tired of gettin nothing

Givin' you cash for a room with no A/C to blast, I guess they guess they gettin' somethin'
Yeah, they probably hittin' somethin' yeah, they probably gettin' something
Humpin' down in your bed, bumpin' heads, I hope your dog is dead.
I don't regret what I said, I only miss the head

Should have dropped it quick when you pulled that shit in his back seat
I knew it never meant shit when you said you loved me
I knew it never meant shit when you said you loved me

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