Last night, she said she got the fucking brunt of it
Fillin' up her cunt and shit
Never had the time until she got sick of it
The time she fucking threw a fit
The time she got drunk and fuckin' fucked your best friend

Gettin' laid, gettin' paid, gettin' aids, makin' change
Gettin fucked in the ass 'cause you're feelin kinda strange
Bombing on stage, yeah, it's all the fuckin' rage
To be a little fucking whore, just to swallow all your shame

Just to play the fucking game, just to bob your fucking brain
Just to suck a nigga'z dick that doesn't even know your name
Got that shit to a habit,
Habitually ask for the keys to his car to go buy some more crack

Ask her after how many nigga dicks she fucking gagged to get the bag
Or masturbate to get your dealer to shave a few bucks, give a whore a helping hand
Yeah, the pussy's in demand, gettin' fucked right where you stand
Nigga, I won't fucking stand for the shit she had planned
Put a little bit of stress on your little bit of breasts
For the slick dick pimp with a hairy fucking chest

Yeah, you'll make a fucking mess
When you're bending over back to make a man you thought you had
Give a fuck about the shit you fuckin' thought you fuckin' had
Gettin' tired, gettin' fired from the job that you were hired from, fired from, prior transpired from
Wired on the shit you been smokin' on, dick you been hoppin' on, jockin' on
Givin' out disease at a place you got whereupon
People got the cough and the brawn like Genghis Khan
Withdrawn or drawing from the glass dick not the bong.
Why not the bong? Why not take a break, sir? Contemplate, sir, the things you could replace her with
Girl, you got a champ starin' at your tits

That fool ain't got shit on me, he don't even know he's kissing tragedy

But fuck all the bitches that got no self respect gettin' checked butt naked
Let me interject, infect, and start a mess, starin' at your breasts
Your grill's too whack to be addressed, you think your grill's too hot to molest or invest some time in less sex, less rejects
Less checks cashed to buy crack and meth or coke instead
Bringin' in bread for your kids
Dark red lipstick on the tip of a dick to get fed
Mislead by the man you had in bed, stopped dead in your tracks, gettin' pumped full of lead for coming out the side of your neck
So let me be the first to say I hate the way
All you bitches take the time to portray yourselves
In a way that sells S.K.A.N.K.

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