"My Ghost" as written by and Justin Griffiths....
Lovers come and lovers go,
Once they lived but now they're ghosts,
Walking the streets they used to know like shadows.

People disappear every hour and every year,
Sometimes I believe they're here like shadows,
Like shadows.

Who can you trust, in this place?
And whom can I put my faith?
If you're real, then show me now,
Who you are.

How can I love, without grace?
Shine a light on your face,
If you're real, then show me now,
Who you are.

Blowing like a secret wind,
Pouring on my naked skin,
Like a river flowing in the ocean.

And when I turn to see your face,
I saw a joy I could not place,
Vanishing without a trace,
Like a shadow in the sun.

Who can you trust, in this place?
Where can I put my face?
If god is love, then why the world the way it is?

How can I love, without grace?
Shine a light on your face,
If you're real then show me now,
Who you are.

My ghost.

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    My InterpretationFor me, this song has dual meaning. The most obvious is relationships between people. "Who can I trust in this place, where can I put my faith" is to question if love is real. But on a deeper level, it seem to me this is about the search for God.

    "How can I love without grace?" and who extends us grace? Through the death of his son, God extends grace to us for complete forgiveness of all the wrongs we've ever done or ever will. And since we've been completely forgiven, we are free of guilt to love one another fully. And since we've been extended grace, we learn to extend it to one another.

    "If God is love, then why's the world the way it is" is a question believers and non-believers alike have asked since the beginning. This refers to all the pain and suffering in the world. "If you're real show me now who you are." I have a friend who has been asking that question about God for a long time, and is still asking.

    The bridge about blowing like a secret wind. I think this refers to the Holy Spirit.

    The lines about the smile of joy vanishing without a trace. On the human level we are bound to disappoint one another at times, even break hearts. But on a spiritual level, I think this also refers to the fact that we can break God's heart too when we choose selfishness over grace.

    And "My Ghost?" What could that refer to? On the human level, the memory of lovers past, but on the spiritual level, again the Holy Spirit.

    Well, this is just the way I am. I usually see the world as a duality of the human side, and the spiritual side. Could just be me.
    Seldenmon November 08, 2014   Link

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