A golden moment's come to pass
And it made a swift goodbye
Waved its hand from left to right
Saying bye, farewell, goodnight
But it left me brave and bold
Like the knights of ages past
Leaving courage
Like the dawn leaves dew upon the grass

As morning glories bloom
So do some things in life this way
Rising early but well past noon
They weaken, die, and fade
But there's many perspective buds
Still clinging to the vine
Waiting in patience to show
Their glory at later times

Oh, I got what I wanted
And I'll be afraid no more
And face all these toxic things
'Cause I have finally found my bravery

I got what I wanted
And I'll be afraid no more
And face all these toxic things
'Cause I have finally found my bravery.

Lyrics submitted by alexuninspired, edited by Noctivagus

Without fear of their return. song meanings
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    General Commentthese are some of the most poetic & amazing lyrics i've ever read... and the music makes the song even more amazing. i'm not really sure what the concept of this album is, but i love the way the titles are all related. great band.
    totheendmcr04on September 29, 2010   Link
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    General CommentDon't get me wrong, SongMeanings has always had my heart, but opening this page to one comment was a lowblow. That aside, I share the words of my fellow Weaver fan here.
    Serravalleon February 01, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationThe album that this song is a part of tells a whole story. The five song titles go, in order: "Buck up, they're coming. You can't escape them; You can't evade them. But you can enjoy life before and after, Without fear of their return." The very first song talks about wanting to overcome fear, the following songs talk about fleeing on a journey into the wide unknown, discovering both darkness and beauty in the world, learning to conquer "toxic" uncertainty and pain, and it's all capped off by this finale.

    So I see this song as being about surviving in the aftermath, and realizing that you're stronger for the experience ("But it left me brave and bold"), that you've found out things about yourself that you never would have guessed. Maybe you made it where others couldn't ("They weaken, die, and fade"), but there will always be more who will face trials in the future, and maybe triumph as well ("Waiting in patience to show/Their glory at later times"). For now, you can move into the future, because at least this trial is over, and whatever else life may bring, you'll face it with head held high, "'cause I have finally found my bravery."
    Noctivaguson January 04, 2013   Link
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    General CommentI just can't get enough of this album! I was introduced to Weaver by a boy who had just graduated from drug rehab. For him and a family member who is also a recovering addict, it's about recovery. For me, it's about having my fears and living. Either way, it's an album that brings healing. And that's an amazing thing!
    snoqueen2011on November 25, 2014   Link

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