"Two Planets" as written by and Natasha Khan....
Show me moonlight on the sunrise
I've seen so many planets dancing
I've seen too many people hiding

Show me sunset and I won't forget
That I am one of two planets dancing
I am part of two planets dancing

Shallow men, sign your name on my sun
The song of Solomon died in a battleground
The song of Solomon died in love's battleground

I am far shattered by these sinning times
For all your suffering by night

Life is so much dark and light
Day can not exist without a night
And you should not separate from me
I have a heart that's full of life
To be shared on this night
Feel my hands, feel my life
For the sun and the stars
Of my mother and my sisters

I know where the form is changing
I know that the stars will fall on me

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"Two Planets" as written by Natasha Khan


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Two Planets song meanings
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    General Commenti can't even write an interpretation. i get so lost in this song. it's eerie, ethereal and so layered. i absolutely am enamored with this song, natasha keeps getting better and better.
    keereeraron May 18, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis seems to come direct from another land and era. This is so intense. It's like, is that enough mythology for you? I can hear her soul being consumed in a fire of passion, dance and energy. It's almost too much for everyday casual listening when you're in the car going to the shops lol. Not that I don't like it. She really takes it to the next level of...just...whoa.
    MartyHon March 27, 2013   Link
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    Song Meaning"It's definitely inspired by the desert and it's kind of tribal and all the beats. I wrote it on my little machine."

    Source: xfm.co.uk/news/interviews/bat-lashes-two-suns/
    BatLoveron April 10, 2014   Link
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    General Comment'Shallow men, sign your name on my soul
    The song of Solomon died in the battleground'

    Not 100% on the bit about soul but that's how I've heard it. Pretty certain about the song of solomon part however.
    ambrielon April 05, 2009   Link
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    General CommentCelestial twins, night and day, sun and moon, positive and negative, pearl and natasha.

    'Show me moonlight on the sunrise
    I've seen so many planets dancing
    I've seen too many people hiding
    Show me sunset and I won't forget
    That I am one of two planets dancing
    I am part of two planets dancing'

    She wants to understand these two sides of herself and discover them-there are many ideas about this and she is facing them head on rather than burying them. She is coming to terms with the two halves.

    'Shallow man!
    Sign your name'
    On my sun!'

    The man in her relationship (W I'm guessing), hurt Natasha and left his mark on her life. Perhaps the split was a result of something trivial?

    'The song of Solomon
    Died in the battleground
    The song of Solomon
    Died in love's battleground'

    everything she supposed about this love was crushed by her lover, Pearl points this out to her (notice how her voice changes as she sings this?) at this point the two begin to develop an understanding of the issue...

    'I am full
    Shattered by this sailing tim
    For all your suffering by night
    Oh warm, but under bright
    And life is so much dark and light
    When day cannot exist without a night
    And you are not separate from me
    I am a heart that's full of life'

    Natasha begins to reflect on this duality-she is hurt but her other half feels possibly reunited upon this. Pearl begins to state that, yes Natasha doesn't really understand her, but she's still very much there when Natasha is acting 'normal'. She is the other half of Natasha-the moon, the negative, the night. She is a part of her and she is real.

    'And to be shared
    On this night
    Feel my hands
    Feel my life
    For the Sun
    And the stars
    Are my Mother
    And my sister
    I know where the form is changing
    I know that the stars will follow me.. '

    They will begin to understand one another, Pearl's physicaltiy and emotions will be made clearer to natasha. The sun and the stars are linked with the moon...Pearl is linked with others. Not herself but perhaps the idea of the negative. Something is changing...

    The music adds to a sense that this battle/understanding are taking place out of body...up in space...out of this realm...
    ambrielon May 18, 2009   Link
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    General Commentthat's a decent interpretation.

    the more i listen to this song, the more i hear what i think it's about.

    i think this song is more of pearl and natasha battling it out for who will become the dominant personality. i think most of this song is pearl pleading with natasha to let her remain in existence. natasha knows pearl is a part of her being that is flashy, headstrong, alive, etc. but natasha also knows that is not truly who she wants to be. pearl is telling her "day cannot exist without a night," obviously stating that natasha may be day, but with day comes night, or pearl. they are intertwined.

    i listened to an interview on sirius radio when natasha did an acoustic session. she talked about how she was always connected with nature, and that pearl was brave (more of a nightlife femme fatal). the time came when she realized that natasha was who she was, and pearl was slowly subsiding.

    i think this song is definitely pearl's plea to remain alive and part of natasha's life. i think the last verse of the song is the very last night natasha lives through pearl. she's trying to fuse the two eternally, playing on the aspects of the female psyche being good-natured (natasha) and yet still vivacious (pearl) but the very last two lines are pearl's discovery that she is no longer meant to exist. "i know where the form is changing" she understands now that the transformation between her and natasha is never going to be the same and "i know that the stars will follow me" pearl is stating the natasha's identity (day) will remain with her but pearl's (night) will die with her as well.

    night no longer symbolizes pearl's awakening (describing the times when natasha would dress up as pearl in nyc with her ex-boyfriend) because it is leaving with her.

    i think this interpretation is pretty strong, as the big sleep could basically be pearl's final performance.
    keereeraron June 20, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI was reading some recent interviews with her and she mentioned quite a bit how she wanted to just dress up and be someone else, as she had seen so many other people do and that Pearl was a symbol for an kind of old fashioned NYC feeling that she used to sense.

    From that it seems that she's also addressing that she is also just Natasha completely-I can't quite get across what I mean by that as I've said it too blunt and it now means something different. But it's like when you rehearse for a theatre production and you come to terms with your character and such, it kind of takes over a bit to the point where you've adpoted the features of the role that they become a part of yourself. When you think about it at first it's like 'Is this something I do/say? Or am I just doing it in character?' but when you consider it more it becomes 'No, this is me. At the end of the day it's essentially me.' The suspended belief changes, it doesn't go, but it becomes something different and hard to describe.

    I hope that's clear, though that kind of makes me think I should have taken up psychology too, not just drama :/
    ambrielon June 28, 2009   Link

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