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Lonely girl, Lonely girl (yeah, lonely girls)
Let me make your broken heart like new
(you little sweet babies)
Lonely girl, lonely girl (yeah, uh huh, DL)
Let me make your broken heart like new

Yeah, listen
This goes out to all them girls that be hatin
Not physical girls, dudes in drag in the making
Love my records but won't request on the station
or buy the cd's because your man is blazin'
Yeah, you know the type it might be true
This ain't a far fetched tale, it might be you right?
(let me make your broken heart like new)
Let me mend that broken heart
Let me mention your name in the pivotal part
Let me shout you out at my next town meeting
Or maybe bring you onstage for that show on the weekend
Maybe I should write you a free 16
Maybe a whole album or I'll let you hang with the team
Hook you up with Dark City & give you my future record
But at the end of the day you prob'ly still won't respect it
You's a...

Lonely girl...
we're trying to build a market in the city we live in...
Maybe rappin's not for you, maybe you're meant to be
Just a suggestion...'

Yeah, second scenerio.
Go to a show and ya stomach got butterflies
Because you wanna stand out more than the other guys
Everyone raps nowadays, no secret
Just be the best that you can be like army teachings
Step on the stage and you spit a accapella hard
Be crazy ooh's & ahh's but some disregard
They stare at you like you Nemo in a fishbowl
You ask for participation but they just stand cold
No arm waving, No throwin' three's
No recitin' rhymes, no shoutin back at me
You're too cool to show me L-O-V-E
That's funny, you just asked me to be on yo' CD
But you grill me cause you's an MC too
But if you were on my 9 and a half
what would you want me to do?

Let me make your broken...
For you, for you, for you
Lonely girls

Alright, third scenerio
The last type of lonely girls are the worst
The one's you keep near to you
But they snatch change outta ya purse
Type that'll book you for a show in another state
But you don't know about it until way after the date

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