krs-one sample: How many people in here down for...
(Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown)

yeah, uh huh. This is a true story yo
This is the tale of a neighborhood legend
Who got his first glimse at the age of eleven
The inner city streets with it's struggle and flaw
To him, a new world full of wonder and awe
Hangin' out with his boys tryin' ta make some noise
Still he moves through the neighborhood with grace and poise
How could such a young man learn how to run scams?
Peakin' in, sneakin' into all the neighborhood jams
He observed the teenage romances
and learned how to do all the new dances
Ignorin' the hour as his curfew advances
Charlie was the type that likes to take chances

Charlie, he's the life of the party
He make the girls get up, move their body
He liked to stay up late and act naughty
If all night is a crime well I'm sorry
A little late does not a criminal make
See Charlie knows how to make the ladies wiggle and shake
Ain't no shame in his game of potential in fame
Showing out for the ladies callin' his name
his name is Charlie...

How many people in here down for....
Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown

Charlie started his one man mission
Somewhere on the corner of dream and ambition
Man listen, I know the brotha had vision
amidst the crack rocks, slap box, and hand rippin
He dreamt of a better place where he can get away
And blow up off the skills he could detonate
Collect mad chips, hang out with fast chicks
There he go racing through the block like a drag strip
The hard-headed, non-listenig type
If you ain't close to your homies
ya'll ain't kickin' it right
Instead of learnin' to love he was living to fight
I used to quiz my man Charlie on his mission in life
He said I wanna live wild and still never be afraid
Drive a fast car, be a rap star, get paid
Even if it means I gotta run game like arcade
Let the ladies scream my name for the next decade
My name is Charlie

How many people in here down for....
Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown

Charlie is the kid you can find around the way
Hanging out on the party on any given day
Life was a game an' if he knew how to play
Safe to say he would be with us today...
Charlie, hanging out gettin' naughty
Lost his life right in front of a party
I told him 'slow down or else you'd be sorry'
Thought he was stronger than the streets but not hardly
With guns drawn they hit him with a cheap shot
Caught him at the party cuz they knew it was his weak spot
He was unique moving to his own rhythm
But damn, all of his scams finally caught up with him
Since then the neighborhood's not the same
The first young brotha to get caught up in the game
Finally made his way in the ghetto hall of fame
A young cat with a Legendary name

Charlie was the life of the party
He made the girls get up, move their body
He used to stay up late and act naughty
Now he's gone and I am so sorry

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