"Change the Formality" as written by Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani....
I try to change the formality and everything about it.
People killing people for a reason.
You make mistakes you don't regret.
So make a conclusion.

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    Song Meaningmy attempt to understand this song meaning:

    I try to change the formality and everything about it.
    (trying to change the world)
    People killing people for a reason.
    (people killing for something not necessarily good thing)
    You make mistakes you don't regret.
    (you don't even see that what you are doing his wrong. maybe the reason you killed his wrong)
    So make a conclusion.
    (get the conclusion that maybe killing his wrong and change the formality)

    idantron January 01, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI'm not sure every song has a straight meaning and I'm even less sure that this song should be interpreted... but I think its about making decisions and not looking back no matter the consequences. Even if it means killing people.

    The mention to changing formality doesn't quite match up with that idea, who knows?
    TheMadBagon January 14, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is about not using societal morals to judge your actions by. When you do something you know society would deem as a "mistake," you don't always have to regret it and feel bad about just because society tells you to. "People killing people for a reason" means that even murder CAN be justified in some instances (self-defense), so if you do something much less serious that your friends or family does not approve of, do not waste your time beating yourself over it as long as you know you were did what was best and had good intentions. Societal norms do not take into account situational factors that an individual is following and no one can really see your point of view unless they have been in the same situation.
    erouon September 18, 2013   Link
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    General CommentI keep being clobbered over the head with this motif, it's like I can't escape it. How people are so rigid about the stance they take, which essentially boils down to beliefs, about anything from religion to pizza. There are people who can justify war in their head for those who disagree with their belief.
    And the formality?
    It reminded me of how things are going over around Israel, how things have been going on, how we have genocides, how we have all of these disasters where there's death for the sake of wiping out the belief that threatens their own.
    Sadly there is infinite potential for growth in the human paradigm, but the only things we have in common completely will be that we are born and we die.
    And yeah you can get technical and dispute that until your face turns blue.
    That's the point.

    It had to be done, no you aren't allowed to say this, the gov't opposes it, you'll look bad, people will hate you, people will kill you, you should live in fear and limit your existence according to their delusions and wait for it all to end.

    It's bs. Assassin's Creed basically demonstrated the same concept and how convoluted morality can become when hypocrisy is always objectively "justifiable". We're born ignorant, but aren't guaranteed to die less so. For this reason we won't ever change. There will always be conflict. There will always be difference. Writing it and feeling the way the music expresses the sentiment, it's like thoughts jumping around regarding it. It's not really...joyous. But that's arguable, isn't it? Shut out the difference with mounting frustration, and conceptualizing it. Good way to symbolize the rigidity of mind some people have by the sort of cranking of wrenches type part.

    It really does show how things are build, progress, the way different tones can converse, or maybe misunderstand each other, argue, shut out the sound of the others, until things become increasingly cataclysmic and a new motif breaks in to introduce a new idea. Or an expansion. Thing become more and more complicated until it breaks. I've always enjoyed this about drops... we ought to remember thought that voices are instruments just the same.

    So trying to change the formality is something done in vain for peoples' stubborn insistence that their view is right, and you cannot force someone to change their convictions.
    People killing people for a reason...
    yeah there's always a reason... always a justification, not looking at the fact that it's something that's happened over and over and over and will continue to happen because of our ignorance and willing tendencies to try to shut out the inconvenient things.
    Killing is a mistake because oops, they conflicted our economy. Oops, we're insecure. Oops, we don't care. Oops, sorry if you are upset for us stepping on your foot. It's your fault your foot was in the way.
    Now let's go around correcting everything we think is wrong because surely we know everything and are in a suitable position to pass judgement.

    This sort of idea is great kindle wood to spark an inferno anywhere. It is what it is.
    sociallyawkson January 11, 2015   Link

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