I'm playing with the fire from old flames
It kindles inside
I let it spread out of control sometimes
It's like the perfect match no longer lights
No matter how many times I strike
The spark doesn't start to ignite
So I pick apart these ?
Trying to forget it
Trying to leave and let it go
That old G said it best
Love come and goes
But this one's not the same
When a fire that's supposed to die
Survives through the rain
And I can't take it
So I give in
Feed these flames
Everything I have
In a trash bag contained
I thought it meant something
But it seems I'm left with nothing
Except regrets, debts, and the soot
My head is covered in
I'm too scared to look in the eye of the storm
I'm gone
Cause I know the sun won't be out for long
So don't tell me keep my head up when I'm under this rain cloud
I'll show you the cards I kept face down
Your silhouette stays around inside my head
Always when I break down
But sometimes I can't make your face out
I save it for the rainy days now
It's my escape route
And walking in the rain is starting to put these flames out
The one I hold tight starts to break after a while
How could you ever fake a laughter and a smile?
How could you ever fake a laughter and a smile?

It's like my heart's been dragged for miles
Now we need to greet each other with sad smiles
[I don't care, I don't care]

Understand there's some dreams you can't have
So it ain't worth trying to save time inside these sandbags
That I drag 'em back
They just slow me down

You don't know me now?
Acting like you don't know me now?

Cause what goes around seems to get lost inside this circle that we walkin'
When does that hand on your watch begin
And ends together at
noon and midnight and separates a minute after
underneath the moon and sunlight

The webs we weaved just left us both tangled
now I'm talking to my demons that are now my guardian angels
they help me to unplug from above but it sucks
when you come to learn to hate everything you once loved
I usually shrug my shoulders
People try to lean on
Collecting past skins I'm shedding
Trying to keep warm in your storm

And I wrote this song from memory
My burns have healed and
I don't care
If you remember me
I never look back and laugh
Only come to accept
That some things are left better unsaid and put to rest

Cause sometimes sunshine ain't the best thing
And walking in rain is kind of settling.

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    General CommentI can't get enough of this song. Absolutely love it. The meaning is pretty simple... it's all about trying to get over someone you once loved.
    djnanason March 21, 2009   Link

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