And when it all comes falling down Lord help me now [x3]

[Bonez Dubb:]
Lord help me now
Keep my mind from fallin off track
Sometimes life be wack
But I need to keep on my path in fact
I keep myself protected while shit is hectic
While I'm feelin reckless
And hope I never have to stress this place
But I can't when this bullshit is a face
Taste the truth the future is the youth
No time to waste Make a million and give it to my kids just like that
Tell em to stop bustin raps with your dad
Give it to the kids who never win
Parents lived a life of sin
So they gonna suffer in the end
No joke Keep the young of the world healthy
I don't give a fuck about me I feel that's way more G
You know and how can I pray
When you know what I'm gonna say
Think I'm blessed cause I can even take a breath today
And when It all comes fallin down
I'll have my friends and family
Because I'm goin out happily
Don't be mad at me

And when it all comes falling down Lord help me now [x2]

Yo I can't wait for the day my daughter takes her first breath
I know on that day I'll feel somethin in my chest
My heart will truly break as I look into her eyes
I'll dedicate my life to makin sure she never cries
If mom were still alive I know we'd have some words
Somethin about how she's so beautiful he'd keep me encouraged
If my Grandmas was still here I know she'd be proud
Holdin _____ and smilin at me while I slept on the couch
That's how it is the body comes and goes
The physical form is only part of how our soul grows
We are not our bodies and we are not our brains
I got more love in my sould than one body can contain
Feel my paint I'm a man walkin through the rain
Tattooed on my neck is my fuckin last name
And now I give you eternal wisdom that'll never change
God will show you the path you just gotta move ya legs
Let us pray

And when it all comes falling down Lord help me now [x3]

Dear Lord, Help us
Guide us into the shelter,
Keep us from the storm,
or give us the strength to bear it.
I don't care if you take my life.
Im'a die or Im'a make shit right.
Keep Ridin' With Me.

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