I am here on this platform and something may suck me down.
If I step off this platform, I'll be cut through clean.

If I had eyes in back of me, I shudder to think what I would see.

My faith brought me no further, faith got me nowhere.
My faith brought me no further, fate got me here.
So, I'll jump.

I am still on this platform, pondering my next move.
It is all down to direction. I could be clean and through.

When better days have gone, you fall off the merry-go-round.
When better days have gone, I fall off.

I'm falling down.
So I'll jump.

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    My InterpretationShe is standing on a train platform, and something inside is telling her to step off, to be "cut through clean" by the wheels of a train.

    She is transfixed by what is below her - death - and shudders to think what she would see if she looked behind her - at life. She might also mean that she is afraid of her past.

    Having "faith", being "strong" - it did nothing for her. She believes she was always "fated" to end up at this point - at the brink of death. So why not jump to her death and get it done with?

    "I could be clean and through" - she could be "clean" and pure in death rather than facing the mess of life, and "through" - over, finished, done with it.

    When she has a bad day, she falls off the "merry-go-round" - the smiling-faced routines and cycles of "healthy" society.

    She's already falling towards death, so she'll make the final decision and jump.
    quietlyhereon March 12, 2009   Link
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    General CommentQuietlyhere that's a wonderful description of the song i agree on it +1

    I love this band the lyrics are so strong and deep
    Sybeliaon January 08, 2010   Link

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