Analysis, canvas, cover up
Irrelevence, call me bastard, run 'em up
Just one drag short of a bad cough
Please fill up my glass so I could blast off
I've hit the jackpot too often to count
I'm a pro, you could tell by the way that I mount
I'm not as young as I look or as lonely as I act
And I'm the only one here that ain't holding me back
Everyone's friendly 'til the dugout's empty
So she's looking for God at the 7th Street entry
I'm honestly depressed so she's got two hits of ecstacy
And right now, we really need a referee
The boys with baseball caps like to hear me speak
They relate to me, their trouble looks like mine
The women, however, they like to watch me fall
They like to watch me stumble, I do it all the time
Just one more inebriated night
I'ma keep practicin' 'til I get it right
Continue to swim through whoever, whatever
Let the Earth turn 'til I learn to control the weather

Starving, trying to feel important
Hardly, well let me get my point across
Farming, gonna grow my portions
I'm guarding, keep 'em from the greedy goblins
Heart string, they play me like a game
Bombarding, flatter me and come home
My darling, don't even know my real name
The bar scene, designated me a low life
Guarding between love and the truth
Starting to die, always in a rush
Sardine, packed me deep into the groove
Parking is easy when you ride the bus
Yo, carving my name into the tree
Alarming, let 'em know that I'm there
I'm parting my hair like I part the seas
I'm barking my words into the atmosphere
Marketing, everybody come on down to the party
We're gonna have a good time
Charting, spin my record 'round
I'm starving, I'm trying to eat my rhymes

Babylon ain't that far of a move for 'em
Babylon and them got somethin' to prove
But when the battles on, they not know what to do
You better move baby, you better move

Caught within the corner of the eye of the beholder
Supporters metaphorically massage from neck to shoulder
But the missiles with the messages
The man at war with every issue that encompasses the plan of the soldier
I like to hold my breath when I attempt to talk to the cousin that debts the men
I could walk all along the ledge in ten and fallin' off without once cent, no sense.
Tell all my people I got sucked under a needle
And it's less about the evil than it is about the ego
More low, no high, tryin' to fly like an eagle
How many folks can fit into a Volkswagen Beetle?
He sleeps on a bench under a blanket, that doesn't charge him rent
He'd like to thank you for the time and thought you spent regardin' anger
He knows it's hardly meant, you didn't mean it
And she's learnin' to pronounce all the daddy's holy doubts
More bounce to the ounce
A mouthful of how did the clown make the magic
Make the rabbit, make the sound
Pull it down, paint the whole canvas brown

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