If I should return like I once did
Animals will mark me with brown infant eyes
The same eyes whose lids I kissed the high grass in which they sit
Is shoulder length and hanging on your forehead

A week is four years in ancient hive minds
And soon those eyes begin to well up
Your shallow grave concealed by fragrant leaf piles
Black glistening bird eyes averted

When the police bring me in (x6)
We'll tell them "this is why we need secrets"

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    General CommentWhere's the rest of the lyrics?
    Sounds like there's something about "police" and "secrets" at the end.
    artmavenon May 23, 2009   Link
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    General Comment"In all seriousness, the song is about withholding, not allowing yourself to experience certain things with someone because you’re afraid of creating memories that will become sources of pain when the relationship inevitably ends. There was this nature reserve near my old house in Jersey, and every weekend I’d walk the miles of trails. Some of the most peaceful moments I’ll ever know. Anyway, I began dating this girl and the song was written as I was hesitating, trying to decide just what to share with this person… thinking about how I’d feel when I walked my trails again, alone, after having walked them with her. God, I am such a sentimental hippie. The end of the song says, “this is why we need secrets”."

    Oh man.
    leahperon June 28, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationAfter reading that interview one thing's for sure, Joe is clearly uncertain and hesitant towards everything in this song. It's that feeling you get when suddenly something huge crops up in your life and from that point on you become acutely sensitive to the cause and effect of every little thing. So, should you enter into a relationship (friendship/romantic) and share what is exclusively sacred to you and risk spoiling that certain thing, or should you refrain from sharing it in an attempt to side-step any future damage or pain? To some extent I get that feeling when I lend my favourite CDs to people. It's like, 'what happens if they listen to this once and then just throw it to the side, without any pause for thought?' I personally think that avoiding sharing things that are close to you is impossible in the long-term, to a certain extent, and that's what good relationships are based upon. I think Joe believes this, too, in this song. Sometimes you just need to get those apprehensions out in the open so that you can think freely.

    On a side-note, I once read a quote from a poet stating that the only people you should ever fall in love with are those which can appreciate nature with you. I kind of love that.
    dothecollapseon June 30, 2010   Link

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