Can't let my lover go, there's pieces of you deep as cherubim & seraphim swarm.
I'll call this my love song, while cherubim and seraphim scorn.

It's cold my love? Don't ruin this
Cold the love, don't you feel this?
Dull the love, don't ruin this
Can't breathe I'm bloodless now

Candescent flowers burn and light the death in my eyes
Can't be the heart she lost, no wants, no radiance, gone
And as the reverence turns, she leaves the staling boy, to mix new flesh with flesh and turn our souls till down

Churn our souls tonight
We're dead souls tonight
Rest our souls tonight

Amor, Amor, Love, Amor, Amor

Now won't say it or deny it won't you say it's enough
Its cold enough, we've no feeling, the coldest blow
No it's no good, never enough

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    My InterpretationI think the song is about a man who commits suicide after the death of his lover.

    He commits suicide because he can’t let her go, she’s left pieces of herself in him. It’s for love (i’ll call this my love song’), even though others think he was immoral for doing so- the angels ‘scorn’ him (cherubim and seraphim = angels).

    He wishes he could make her live again- ‘Can’t be the heart she lost’.

    She’s just a corpse now, an empty vessel- ‘No wants, no radiance, gone’- her soul’s in another place.

    Her death has left him ‘staling’, ‘cold’, almost just a corpse himself. He has sex with other people ‘mix new flesh with flesh’, but there’s no emotional connection there, just bodies. This continues the idea that he feels corpse-like.

    His soul ‘turns’ and ‘churns’ because he’s apart from her, the only way his soul can ‘rest’ is if their souls are together again.

    I love the metaphors for death in this song, and of course the music! So many layers, and they fit together so well.

    Hmm I’ve interpreted the song quite literally, but it could just be about the metaphorical death of the guy because his girlfriend left him- ‘mix new flesh with flesh’ could mean the girl’s sleeping with other guys. But I like my original interpretation better :P

    Actually, because I'm bored and I can't sleep I'm gonna do a metaphorical interpretation of this song now :D
    JeanGenie93on January 06, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationInterpretation of song as an extended metaphor:
    Bloodless could be about a man’s metaphorical death because the woman he thinks is his soul-mate has left him.
    The woman thinks their love has gone cold. He repeats her statement back to her- ‘it’s cold my love?’ He says ‘don’t ruin’ their relationship, and asks ‘don’t you feel this?’-his love for her is strong and he assumed she loved him too.
    Their break-up has led him to a metaphorical death- ‘bloodless’, ‘no radiance’, ‘death in my eyes’. He’s left corpse-like.
    As the woman moves on with other men (‘her reverence turns’) she leaves him ‘staling’, cold. ‘Mixing flesh with flesh’- metaphor for sex.
    The man believes their souls are in turmoil, ‘churning’, ‘dead’ by being kept apart.
    ‘Amor, Amor, Love, Amor, Amor, Now won't say it or deny it won't you say it's enough’- He asks for a straight answer about the girl’s feelings for him. She’ll probably deny that she loves him but he hopes his love for her is ‘enough’ for the both of them. But she says ‘No it's no good, never enough’.
    JeanGenie93on January 06, 2011   Link

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