Wendy's late night
Go to the drive-thru
Double stacks, low cash
Man, what should I do
Give me cheese
Give me lettuce
Give me bacon
Take the cash girl
I think my phone is shakin'

(Who is it?)
I don't know open up
Check the ID
It might be Nelly, 50 cent
Or maybe Spike Lee (Spike Lee)

Bad news is it's not so, hurry on the flip flop
It's my mom, she's (callin')

Now, hurry to the highway
Gotta go the fast way
Mom's gonna kill me, I'm grounded either way
Oh shit, no gas
Pull into the quick trip
Make it fast pumping quick (no stallin')

5 minutes to the curfew
Better stop (haulin')
Why my eyes red?
I think it's the (pollen)
What's that Linkin Park song?
I think it's called ("Crawlin'")

They call me Jones
Call me Jim
And I think I'm swim
I'm not out to make fists
But I still win (double one)
We go the same pace
Mom, I'm guessin' I'm in trouble
Better chow chow
We on the double

Well I don't know Yung Joc
Or Big Meanie
I gotta wear my rap
To keep up the speedy
Base now front and we keep it on
Look at your phone 'cause your mom is (callin')

Hold up, look whos been messin' round
Knows a lot
Wearing rings and ozos
All my verse and it sounds like prose
I'm a white rapper but I won't get corn rows
(What about tonight?)
No, we're not ballin'
But when we are, we're playin with a smallen
Running this late like Joseph Stalin
Dude, I gotta go 'cause my mom is (callin')

"Payne, you're in big trouble
You better get home right now
I mean it, your ass is in big trouble"

Oh shit
She just said ass
Stepping on the pedal
Like my rhmyes move fast
Got money on my mind so I don't get passed
Make this shit hot 'cause it might be my last

You hear me going
You hear me flowin'
You hear me rollin'
But you can't stop me from blowing the mic
Do you know what it's like
To have a mic in your hand
Cause I can make it ran
Right where I stand
All I need is one wish
And the fan you know, I already got the girls
All over you man
Come play the guitar for me
All I need is a man to play
What's hot in the streets
To supply the demand
Oh damn

They said it's all ya niggas out there fallin
The fun and games is over
I gotta go it's your mom
She's (callin')

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