On this restless night, you go to take your liberty
With a looker-filly, you'll snap her at the knees
Relieve some pressure, give it 'til it hurts
Now all to do is find the target
This feeling's getting worse

Got a winner in your sight, it's time to deal the blow
No interest in wrong or right, you're gonna tag this doe
Struggle begins, live one on your hands
'Til you realize you've got butterfingers
All she left is strands

Confusion sets in as you turn your head about
Nothing is all you hear or see
No whimper, scream, or shout
A risky world you've entered, are you soon to pay the price?
Being dumb, letting this one go
Prison bars weigh on the back of your mind

You turn to leave, and hope she didn't see your face
Silent scepter comin' from the sky, gonna put you in your place

Slash, stun
It's done
Surprising pain you feel
Curse reversed, the Madam Perverse
The fairer's not making the shrill

As you feel your blood pouring out, your marvel turns to fear
Classic tale, hunter is prey
Lion turned to deer

Now it's a struggle for your own survival
Parry and break, it's all you can do
Nail-biter, you feel the sharp pricking
Of strange weapons, your blood they exude
Is it hell over the horizon?
The shame you feel, losing control
Your legs weaken, the metal engulfs them
A she-demon, sewing your soul

Slash, stun
It's done
She stares at you, icy a face
Members none, there was only one
The fairer has brought you disgrace

Curse reversed, the Madam Perverse
She exits with nary a phrase
Leaving you with thinking to do
And something you'll never replace

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The Madam Perverse song meanings
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