The film sucked big time, some chopsocky shit,
She's outside the ladies� room in a cord jacket and long black Apache hair
She said, "Wanna hear a beautiful noise?"
I said, "Now what noise would that be?"
She said, "The noise I make when I come."
I said, "You'd only end up breaking my heart."
She said. "I'd do my best, but I read a book once writ by a butcher, said a heart's only meat."
She said, "You look like a man who had dreams?"
I said, "Well I had some once,
But I left them behind in a diner somewhere way back when I was just a kid.
I must've lingered a beat too long gazing on a lonely three-quarter moon."
She said, "You got a lover you call your own?"
I said, "Yesiree, her name's Julie."
"So Julie's your moon and your stars?"
I said, "Well, I guess, but when I tell her so she'll flush the toilet or something like she just don't wanna hear,
And every word that we speak is like another handful of cold damp earth on the coffin lid of our love."
She said, "Me, I suppose I'm engaged. He's a maître d' uptown but I hate his goddamn guts, sometimes I send him anonymous death-threats.
You don't have to be God to know love's just a sucker's loaded game,
Seems to me life and death are in on it together."
I said, "Lately my life makes no sense, some days I twist in the wind like crematorium smoke,
And it hurts when I piss. Last night there were demons jitterbugging on my ceiling."

So we bummed around the beach for a while,
Me, her and some surfer's dog
And she laughed and grabbed me from behind and held a flower to my throat like it was a blade
And she stuck her chewing gum on the roof of a police car waiting at a stoplight
There was a kite twitching on power lines, she said it looked just like a toy's suicide
We dropped some coins in the baseball cap of this gray-ponytailed guy with a long Temazepam stare
She took me back to her camper van, she had a sign in the back reads "THIS BABY'S BORED"
And in the mist on the cold windscreen, she wrote her name, said it was Spanish for Catalan snows
She's got a thrift-shop sparkly dress, some vodka and Benzedrine and a fake cherry sunburst Les Paul
And she played me one of her songs, no way was she Joni but she did that thing with her hips like black girls do
She said, "So you like the blues?"
I said, "Mmm, I love the blues."
She said, "Me and you should just take off, find a field with flowers, go found us the Republic of Howlin' Wolf."

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