"Just drive," I said to the cabbie, so he drove like it's a getaway car,
I'm all choked up, can't get my head 'round the way things really are
I would've called to say goodbye but there's no bars on my telephone,
Anyway, you're probably out cruising for teenyboppers to take home.
You told me you were bad, I said I really wouldn't want to fuck an angel

I was working the nightshift at the noodle bar, you lit your cigarette off mine,
And going home we peeked in on lit up rooms from the top deck of the 159
You said you meet this priest on Wednesdays, that he pays you just to blaspheme,
I swear to God, you're were the most exciting thing I'd ever seen
The taste of you and the Valpolicella did a tango on my tongue

I read all that stuff in your diary about the doll's head you found in the sand,
And how the best time you'd ever been given was from the singer in a reggae band,
You were upstairs with some bellhop, I was downstairs, drunk and on my knees,
Come first light I'm at the window watching dawn creeping out the trees
That fortune teller said we'd be happy, the lying bitch

Just 'cause you said I kind of looked like Strindberg, I speed-read everything of his I could find
One night when I couldn’t get a hard on you flung my leather jacket on the fire,
I should've grabbed you by the throat and why I didn't I really can't say
But that rope bridge slung between us was really starting to fray.
How come I only ever wanted impossible things?

Evening's creeping through the suburbs like a wolf out hunting her kill,
If you ever feel you need to see me again I'll be waiting, I promise I will,
You said you really meant to love me, it's just that somehow you forgot,
And the longer you stared at me the more invisible I got.
The cabbie's driving too fast and neither of us feels much like talking

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She Said I Kind Of Looked Like Strindberg song meanings
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