Battle Creek,
something that you said last week
is eating me with sharpened teeth,
and I am so afraid.
Not something thrown out flippantly,
but to my heart and very core.
I may not see you anymore,
or something even worse.
And in my bones,
your twenty-three same chromosomes,
reside in twisted prophecy,
likening our destinies.
I genuflect,
I’ll hold my breath,
I’ll wait and see,
your blood is swimming inside me.
And there is no love,
like fathers have for their sons...

I am weak,
but believe me when I softly speak,
if there is strength inside of me,
it’s you who put it there.
And I concede,
that something stabbed and made you bleed,
stole the light you once believed,
yet I still do.
Do you believe,
I saw your father in a dream?
He said that he is safe and well,
and waiting up for us.
And there is no love,
like fathers have for their sons.

Boys need fathers,
every daughter,
every broken heart so gone.
I believe that Love is greater,
never ceasing, always hoping,
always just beneath the dawn.

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    General CommentThis is a teriffic song.
    I loved the sound of it, and the way the lyrics flow.
    I would crank it. One day, a blind woman at Walmart locked onto me with her empty vision, following the "And in my bones,your twenty-three same chromosomes,reside in twisted prophecy" set of lyrics, and as my soul was mouthing the words, her's seemed to touch it as well.
    So that was pride, brimming up inside me.
    And it took me a while to piece the meanings together.
    This is what I heard:

    first off:
    Father's have so very much influence on their sons (and daughters),
    so in every abrasive word, is the potenial for a wound in the child's heart.
    Life and death are in the words.
    in the way I take my own measure of worth in what my father thinks of me,
    I am constantly trying to please him.
    But as I grew up, I realized all of the things that he does that hurts me. And I swear never to be like him in these vague ways.
    and I excell in just that... for a time. But as I grow even more, I see my father more and more in my own reflection. I hate it, and despise myself for it, but at the same time, we seem to be the same - even down to sharing the same sins. "sins of the father" and all that.
    So anyhow, the song seems to shift a bit, and then we're talking about the Heavenly father. Our normal dads let us down. But that's "just beneath the dawn".

    anyhow, that's my take on it. Thanks, for reading.
    TRANSMISSION5on September 04, 2010   Link

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