"Ghost of Karelia" as written by and Brann Timothy Dailor Troy Jayson Sanders....
Wrathful ones nine eyes gaze
Holding skulls
Filled and laced
With human blood

Shades of darkened skies
Twilight holding through

Life in zenith
Bulls blood shot eyes
Flattened portrait of the night sky

Feel crust hum
Facing the North
Vapor space

Between heaven and Earth
Wisdom and the knower
A planet collide
Divisible we fall

Hear dirt waves
Wading forth
Vapor space

How long has it been since we flew through the shadows
I have walked on many other planets

Sinister twin
Choking on fear
Bonded iron
Sink to the core

Lyrics submitted by black_cow_of_death

"Ghost of Karelia" as written by Troy Jayson Sanders Brann Timothy Dailor


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    My InterpretationThis song is deliciously cryptic. The first clue we are given in this song is the odd number of eyes. This leads me to believe that mythological Buddhist or Hindu gods are being referenced. Many gods are portrayed as having a third eye, a universal symbol for a higher state of consciousness (3 higher beings = nine eyes, 1 higher being + 3 lesser beings = 9 eyes). Going further with the Hindu/Buddhist interpretation, a skull filled with blood is symbolic for the renunciation or removal of life, an element of Yama. He is a wrathful god of the dead, who is sometimes depicted as having red eyes, and a bull-head. He is also thought to have a twin sister, Yami. Upon death, individuals are sent to Yama to be judged based on their life’s actions (karma). After Yama’s judgment, the individual will either go through a period between heaven and earth, or will go through punishment in hell, before they are returned to Earth and given new bodies (reincarnation). I believe this song marks the individual’s transitional period; a journey through the ethereal plane in cyclical attempt to return to life. The lyrics of this song imply neither a pleasant or unpleasant experience, but one of tediousness and emptiness. He floats, unable to orient himself through humanly concepts such as time and space. He is trapped in a seemingly endless void. It is during this period that Yama’s judgment is being made. Ultimately, the person is decided unworthy for heaven, and begins the downward spiral toward hell.
    Pur3Gonz0on March 10, 2009   Link
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    General CommentOMG this song kicks butt man!!!
    CaNn1b4LCoRpS3on October 15, 2009   Link
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    General CommentKarelia is also a region in eastern Finland, referenced a lot in the national epic Kalevala. I have brained my damage too much to even begin considering any serious meanings, just thought I'd mention it. Väinämöinen is a pretty godlike being, present since the creation of the world..And in the epic he fights the north (Pohjola). He is the Jungian 'wise old man', and the model for Tolkien's Gandalf.
    fatgonzoon December 28, 2009   Link
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    General CommentLove this song, so epic
    Okami91on February 09, 2012   Link
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    General Comment a spirit (Kharelia) is the czars guide throught the transcended space between heaven and hell... song is crazy as shit. but after walking on many planets for what seems like an eternity, the space is a little to much for our czar.
    Smash524on March 01, 2009   Link

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