I'm in an altered state, and always worth the wait.
Droppin' melodies just like my 58's.
If I was more concerned, I'd set the record straight,
Let 'em go ahead and think I only fuck with jailbait.
Live a little faster out here on the interstate,
No blow, no show. Baby no debate.
Heart rate, birth rate, now they've all been raised.
Don't get delusional girl, I'm not your soul mate.

Carbon copy entertainers, I'm not impressed,
Sometimes I think I'm only here
To put this tradgedy to rest.
Don't worry 'bout open containers, I'll drink the rest.
It's gonna be a long drive back to the midwest.

Fuck the cliches, I'm gonna change the face,
Hang the critic, fuck the DJ if he doesn't give us plays.
All the money that I'm makin', yeah, I spend it on the 'caine.
And if you're really that disgusted, why you still sayin' my name?

These are the floors I sleep on, this is the ringin' in my ears,
These precious things I pray on.
Just get your creep on, and I'ma keep on.
(And I'ma keep it all on.)

This ain't a throwback, in case you didn't know.
I'm not the type to play pathetic on the microphone.
Make up your mind son. You want original?
Get to movin' for me, or just go back to your radio.

It's a lot more than makeup and wearing black
Stage shows, scene girls and shootin' smack.
Fuck electro, you can have it back.
I'm on to this new shit
That they don't even have a name for yet.

It's like a bullet train to my brain
(Right, right, right, right)
With all these people sayin' what they're sayin'
(right, right, right, right)
It's like a bullet put straight through my brain.
You are my questionable clientèle from hell.

It's like a bullet train to my vein.
(right, right)

(come on now, come on now)

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