yeah. this for my brotha. Tony Touch, Dead Prez.
Fuck the Police...

You couldn't ever understand how my mind ticks
I'm on some old school crime shit
where niggas hold tools and keep the dimes lit
Ain't no rules when these iron shots is thrown
Dun, this heat burn through ya flesh straight to the bones
I reach for the buddha-sess & zone
I'll probably have a future of stress,
state-impressed and be alone
but as far as the present time, it's on
I represent mine til I return to the essence
and I'm dead & gone
Nobody wanna be broke & you neither
But put me on the corner,
An' watch me catch a quick case of CREAM fever
If you be poppin shit, my niggas won't believe ya
probably punch you in the face
And take ya wallet when we see ya
But son it gets deeper,
I'm runnin wit a click that speed a hundred by the grim reaper
To all my niggas in the man keeper:
Let your situation be a teacher
Ain't nothin' like an education
When I was locked down
I learned about patience and dedication
and not say shit
unless you need a motherfuckin' face lift
And as a youth I was an outcast
Runnin' 'round with pellet guns, playin' war
But now it's all about cash
And say no more. I keep it raw, keep a gun
I'll go to hell wit a slug in my jaw 'fore I obey they law
And love, it ain't no secret
My previous lifestyle, juvenile delinquent
Devious night prowl was frequent, creepin'
Reach for your shit? Don't even think it
Nigga get slick and try to cock it
Unless you want your face shot, drop it
Crime rule the world and ain't a Jake that could stop it

I'm caught up, caught up in the mix and shit
and I ain't tryin' to hear shit
Yo my crew got cash ta get
Blast you wit the pistol if I have to
In my mind, its all about cash in the fistful (x2)

Yeah, Fuck the police (x6)

I'm a no-meat-eatin', vegetarian, revolutionary people army...yeah, yeah

I hold the weed too long when I be thinkin' bout my mom
and all this things gone wrong in the past
and what we do for this cold hard cash
Nowadays it seems like we age fast in dog years
like 7 to 1.
Though I was born back in '72, I'm still young
When I speak dun, I speak it for millions of children
and tax payin' black kids who never said they prayers
Blame it on the governments and mayors
'cause they pimps and players
With the tracks on they arms as old as I am
Watch what you be doin' 'cause they see you through the skycam
Power means the man who controls the land
He hold the key to selling drug paraphernalia and contraband
Its something like pushin' narcotics
Cigarettes and tar products
Some people say you cant trust an addict
But I believe that life is a habit
And that's why we teachin our seeds how to load an automatic
I'm one with my gun, I love it like my first son
It protects me and makes sure the Jakes respect me...
I'm one with my gun, I love it like my first son
It protects me and makes sure the Jakes respect me...

Dead Prez 9-8
Fuck the Police, yeah. Tone Touch.
Put the whole bag in the dutch
its never too much. it's never too much for Tone Touch...

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