Girl, you ain't got shit on me
Ain’t got shit on NYC
Got nothing on this city
Save all that crying for the queen
Go back to the motherland
Have your mama hold your hand
If you eat your eggs with runner beans
Save all that crying for the queen

Judging your behavior and your junkie routine
It’s time for you to get clean and stop creating a scene
Girl, you ain’t got shit on me
Ain’t got shit on NYC
Got nothing on this city
Save all that crying for the queen

There’s a recall on all imports
You behaving all out of sorts
You can’t hold the liquor
Quicker, y'all get off my turf
I’ll show you who got the curve
Think I’m being territorial?
I’m’a get patriotic on your ass
Stars and stripes
Acting all sassy and crass

Class is in session, please stand for the pledge
All you pretty party girls, step away from the ledge
Have a seat, so I can begin to teach
Today we’re gonna learn about the word: moderation
Liberty and justice and something like one nation

Those who know me know I ain’t no straight-lace sober freak
But when it comes time to get the job done I make sure I’m at least able to speak
Try to give a damn about presentation
Try to make it look like it's not a vacation
People paid to see a show
They didn’t just make a kind donation

When you’re singing that song for the one millionth time
And you’re too gone to see that you no longer shine
You start wishing for another way to make your dime
You wanna make a buck in America?
Grab an application and get in line

'Cause you know you’ll be missing that same ol' tone
Two weeks what you look like every afternoon
Then it comes you'll be like, “Cha-ching, cha-ching!”
But minimum wage after taxes is like, “You must be fucking kidding"

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