I was watchin' John Howard on the TV. You know trendsetters, even when he says somethin' good. He still sounds like whingin' , whinin' little fuck! Doesn' he, huh?

Even if it's a good thing, you still thinkin' to yerself 'Look at him his goin' Oh I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna do that, oh I'm gonna do this and'

But I like name, hey? It's easy to remember?!

I was watchin' SBS news the other night and the Prime Minister of Delhi in India. Her name is Sheila Dikshit. It's true, I didn't change it, that's her fucken name.
He, he, he, he, he, he!

What about the bloke who used to be Prime Minister of Israel. How'd ya like to have a bloke runnin' Australia by the name a Mr. Netanyahu! Isn't that fucked name?!

Wonder what'd happen if he adopted Yahoo Serious?
Yahoo Serious' name'd be Yahoo Netanyahu!

What about when that Chinese bloke was alive remember him?
Dung Chow Ping, his name sounded like a fucken ricochet!
If he lived in Ireland, his name woulda been Rick O'Shea!
How you be, you gotta mate named Dung Chow Ping?
You go 'Oh Dung, meet me mate Jack'
'Oh fuck off Dung your name sounds like shit!'

What if you had a bloke runnin' Australia named, eh, Yassir Arafat?
How’s that for a fucked name?!
And he hates it when he’s getting’ ready for bed, Takes the tea towel off his head and there’s dishes under it. Fuck him too!

I’m readin’ a thing in Time Magazine the other day about Pol Pot, well there’s a fucked name for ya. And it said that Pol Pot it said when he was alive and a lot of people think his death was fabricated. Well anyway, for all intents and purposes the joker fucking dead. And it said.. I’m startin’to sound like David Helfgot hey mate?
Oh yeah I’m a mad cunt!. Oh yeah I’ll get a fuck, yeah, yeah, yeah, Oh, give us a lick your arse yeah, kiss, kiss, kiss, oh fuck, fuck, fuck! That is dumb hey, I sound like that prick!
Nah nah for all intensive purpose his dead owner said that Poll Pot sais that when he was alive that his conscience got the better of ‘im, cos he murdered thousands of poor arseholes and he become a alcoholic Pol Pot!
Changed his name from Pol Pot to Piss Pot!
If he’d been cremated he’d a been a fucken Hot Pot!
Ain’t it funny? The simpler the thing the more I’m fucken amused!

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