A little ways up the interstate
passed Winslow County Line
half a mile from Prince's Dairy Farm
off old rural route 9
just passed the graveyard
where the road starts to bend
make a left on a gravel road
and all the way down the end
next to a rusted old mailbox
with nobody's name
a concrete foundation
is about all that remains
of a house that I lived in
and that was so long ago
back when I had it all
down on Violin Road.

See, I had me a girl back then
a little place all our own
was a handy man special
sure felt like home
homemade curtains in the windows
nothin' hangin' on the walls
didn't have a very big bank account
man, but we had it all
second hand sofa
an old color TV
it was alright with baby
well it was alright with me
sittin' home in the evenings
watchin' The Antiques Roadshow
and all was as it should have been
down on Violin Road.

Then one April evening
she said her goodbye
and packed up her suitcase
when i asked her why
she said
"the more I look for reasons
the more I'm spinnin' my wheels"
sometimes you just can't explain
all them things that you feel
but I stood in the doorway
the night black as coal
and i can't remember
even feelin' that cold
and the loneliest feelin'
that I ever knowed
was watchin' the taillights disappear
from Violin Road

So I took to the whiskey
had me them old broken down blues
stay out all night drinkin'
wake up wearin' my shoes
one night closin' Joe's Place
stumbled home drunk and tired
fell asleep smokin' a cigarette
lost it all in a fire
that Winslow hook and ladder come
man they couldn't get a cat out of a tree
let alone put a fire out
they could only save me
from the ambulance window
I watched it go up in smoke
ain't it just like the love we had
down on Violin Road

Where she mighta went to
well, I'll never know
lost touch with all them friends I had
that's the way these things go
lost the job with the county
lost the gig with the band
sweepin' floors at Howard's Grocery Store
sleepin' in the van
but as for (indistinguishable)
baby, I ain't too hard to find
I'm out here every Saturday
come rain or come shine
get a six pack of tall boys
and drink 'em real slow
drink to what might have been
down on Violin Road

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