- Famous Painted Charlie Punches Famous Action Hero In Artificial Seat -

Hey hey, trendsetters when you're a comedian you starts to bloody, slide out
'Oh yeah I'm a fucken comedian!'
Comedians are just comedians; think their cool, dress good, 'Oh yeah I'm a fucken comedian! yeah'
Fucken slide out here
Big time lateral thinkers 'Oh yeah I'm a fucken comedian!'
New jodhpurs new false arse, talk about social issues. Topical stuff, political stuff and that.
But NO! NO! NO! fucken NO!
I'd rather be giving you a poofter joke. And, and I don't mean to offend my gay fans, Cos I got a lot of gay fans, I don't mean to offend em. But after all they are a promiscuous bunch a cocksuckers. But I don't mean to offend!.

Poofter goes to doctor. Doctor checks him over, says 'You got AIDS I need the names of the last 100 blokes that rooted ya'
Poofter says 'Piss off I ain't got eyes at the back of me head!'

That's better, that's better than a political joke!
Oh yeah fair go, fair go. I, I make a political comment that's got comedy connotations. I took, we mentioned a name earlier, Pauline Hanson, there you go that's a comedy subject, political subject. Yeah I'd like to fuck her. Ok that's the political stuff out of the way, I'll give you another poofter joke!
I'll be there with Pauline goin' 'Oh Pauline, my father Singapore, my mother from the Phillipines, I've shot, I'll see ya later, yeah'
I'm a premature ejaculator, I've shot, I'll strapped, I'll be down for Chinese tea next.

Arnold Schwarzenegger getting ready for his new movie, it's pissing down rain, it's freezin' cold, Arnold hates it. He's all damp and he's pissed off, Arnold, and he hates it. And he, he's doubly pissed off cos he's gotta actually do a bitta dialogue.
Instead of just being in a big fire or an explosion and fucken off home. And he hates it. And he gets pneumonia of the arse!
Yeah! Yeah it doubles up!
Double pneumonia of the arse. He's gotta get a whole brand new arse transplant.
Gotta his sphincter all shimmed up. He's all fucked up. He's gotta get a whole brand new reconditioned second hand channel in his arse. He's in hospital for a bloody year!
He gets outta hospital, he's walkin' 'round, celebratin' wherever the fuck he walks around! Hey! Planet Hollywood, Oh yeah he's got a new arse. No problems, big red drink with an umbrella, got everythin' he could fucken want.
Who should he meet?
Elton John with his sparkly big hat.
Elton says 'Arnie, I heard about your new arse mate?'
'Give us a quick squiz, I wanna have a look a her stiches see how she turned out there Arnie?!'
Arnie's in a good mood, spreads his cheeks and Elton says 'It's a fucken good job!'
'Give us a closer look there Ernie or Arnie or whatever the fuck yer name is!'
'I wanna have a look there Ernie or Arnie, I wanna have a look there and see how smooth yer rim is, I wanna see'
Arnie spreads em, and Elton piles one into him, an Elton's pumpin' away like its fucken Christmas.
Arnie says 'Whad'ya doin?!'
Elton says 'Why should you give a shit it's not even your arse'
That's better! That's better than a political joke.

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