She looks out at the sunrise
But she still has some stars in her eyes
Left over from last night
But that's the way hearts were designed
Though her mind will have the memory 'til she dies
Her lips wish they could keep the night alive

So she turns to a passenger train and she wonders
If their paths will cross again
But outside the clouds gather, it rains and it thunders
A sound so familiar it's almost a friend
But he's not as close a friend as she would like
And she barely knows a thing about his life

Except he's a scientist's son and he told her he thinks that she's pretty
And he doesn't believe that he's yet heard his favorite song
And he holds on to his tongue and he hides that he misses the city
He told her he's leaving because he doesn't know where he belongs

Now he sits at the station
Seems so selfish to suddenly simply part ways
But he's made his arrangements
And he's made up his mind that he's not gonna stay
But he just can't shake what happened late last night
And the words he spoke still echo in her mind

There are places where the sun shines every day
And I'll stay long enough my accent goes away
But I'll be gone before the people I love change
And I won't be afraid

Now she stares at the clock tower
And she knows she must make a decision soon
She stands like a sunflower
Still and silent; her smile so suddenly blooms
And he stands up straight and sweats and wipes his hand across his forehead
And anyone making bets would see that train and say he boarded
And sit, forget himself, and try to heed his mother's warning

Now she steps off the stairs
And she's sprinting the second her feet hit the floor
There's smoke in the air
Whistles blowing, he's standing, preparing to board
She catches his eyes and then her breath, and nearly screams over the crowd
And says "I knew before my death I'd someday speak these words out loud"
And her heart's beating so fast that she can't hear over the sound

And he opens his mouth to reply
But he still has some doubts in his mind
Left over from the last time he cried
But that's the way hearts were designed
She says she knows he has to go but asks him why
He starts to tell her but he stumbles when he tries

Says, "There are women who put pieces in your mouth
Give you sangria 'til your secrets all come out
And then they leave you and your soul is headed South
And all you can do is shout
And I'm gonna follow it and leave the rest behind
I'll keep my mouth shut so my secrets can stay mine
I'll be delivered by the time that I arrive
Because there are places where the sun shines every day
And I'll stay long enough my accent goes away
But I'll be gone before the people I love change
And I will not be ashamed"

She says "I love you" and it caught him by surprise
He closed his mouth and then she opened up her eyes
Said, "I don't even have to read between the lines
I know you're right
Sometimes I wish I could be swept out of the fray
With the person who's already on the way
We'll be gone so long our accents will have changed
But at least they'll be the same
We'll take water and we'll wash away our sins
In the basin that our son was baptised in
We'll keep each other in our hearts and in our heads
And we won't be afraid again"

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I Will Not Be Afraid song meanings
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