I still can't believe the captain made us leave
Ten PM New Year's Eve we cast off together but we ring it in alone
Breathe -- I wear my anger on my sleeve, but blood and salt and ink
Don't fight against the weather, though they're all wrapped around my bones like skin

And with my tasks under my thumb
And a flask filled up with gin
A pen and a clear conscience
Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum

We climb aboard like true believers to lifted by the trek
We dive down deep and breathe the sea, but we've got ropes around our necks
Our souls are torn, our ears are bleeding -- they've been cut apart by lies
We're cursed and blamed and made ashamed every time one of theirs dies at sea

But I've got tales to be believed, and we've got our secrets to keep
And I'll trust no-one unless there's nothing left but bone
Because when one of us dies, he dies alone

They call us pirates, but we call ourselves optimistic
They send out their sirens, but we steer clear and they stay distant
We never even got the chance to wipe the blood off of our hands

We open our windows and let their shining eyes peer in
We welcome them, friend after friend, as they step through the door
We stole from them stories to tell and we tell them and tell them and grin
And as we usher them out, well their ffaces were friendly no more

And now, they've got their hands outstretched and waiting, and with tension in their chests
We spit our fictions out straight-faced, but with our intentions bent
The swelling belly of the beast is where we keep our secrets
Oh, sweet salvation when it splits and sets free all my reservations and regrets

They call us pirates, but we call ourselves pioneers
We blaze the trails they take in hell, and we've been doing it for years
They call us pirates, but we call ourselves troubadours
We tell them tales of great white whales and deep sea things that came before

And we believe wholeheartedly in our charts and in our maps
Each time we breathe they fear our siege, but they ain't seen nothing yet.
And when we meet they all agree to spill out blood, however black
They spit and scream, they call us thieves -- damn right, we take hearts and we don't give 'em back

They call us pirates, but we call ourselves debonaire
A flash of smile is baring teeth, we tell them things that they believe
Sure as the sea's deep, they call us friends
The ones that always let you down, the ones that always sell you out, the ones that always disappoint you in the end

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