The bricks begin to crumble so we'll have to patch them up
My darling can you help me? I need mortar and your love
You wished for affection, I wished that wasn't always a pain
Let's build this wall together, I think our wishes are the same
Put your fingers in the cracks, and pull out all the past
I will hold the bricks together while you put new mortar back
This wall has stood strong, my life will fall until I die
We can never be brand new again, but let's give it a try
And wait, look at the clock, oh do you see the time?
It's 11:11 and that's how I made you mine
And I'm sorry if you think of me as a wizard dark and vile
But I swear I'll never do you wrong and I'll try to make you smile
So make a wish and word it well, those genies love their tricks
If my heart falls out, just push it back in with a stick
I know misery won't kill us, that doesn't mean we shouldn't fight
We all die in the end, but that's the point of life
So live as much as we can live before these bricks crumble to dust
I will give you everything I have, my heart, my love, my trust
I will pay you not to go to work so you can sleep in late
Make you breakfast in the morning then I'll send you on your way
You're an anvil I'm an ape and I doubt I'll ever change
But I've got enough optimism to carry us away
And we will travel by a boat, the way that it should be
The captain and the siren, together out at sea
And when my ship crashes on the rocks, I will not be surprised
'Cause I knew what I was in for when I looked into your eyes

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