Come on Rude!
Oh shut up I can't come out there I'm backstage rooting your mum.
She hasn't cum yet!
Joke my arse
Come on give Rude a hand. Let's hear it for Rude, get him on. Get Rude on, get him on!
Get back, beautiful poofter curtain.
Its a beautiful poofter curtain, don't worry about that for
a fucken nice bloody, that's a beautiful curtain that!
A fucken Mardi Gras curtain!
Can you hear?, I'll just say, I'll just say
Can you hear down the back alright?
Raise you hand
Oh you shut up fuck face I didn't ask you
Halfway down the room, 'eh no'
You sound like your mother. 'No'
She's always going there 'No, No!'
Shut up mate!
Your mother's a pest, phones me up, wants me to come 'round
after every show and root her!
The bloody road crew, she wants to root them
Fucken pe.. (st) That bloke there rooted your mum!
Sick of your mum always phoning me wanting to come 'round
after every show and root her!
Ya mum's a fucken pest!
'Come on Rodney get 'em down'
If I did root her the bloke looks like Steve Brack's son
He fucked her, your mother? That bloke!
Steve Brack's son!
Ha ha ha ha!
Sick of your mother
I went to her house and got asthma, bloody feather pillow
With my face buried in it, she was tonguing my arse!
I got asthma off your mother, she's a bloody nuisance!
She's a nuisance! Phoning me up!
Meatloaf's son rooted her! Hey?
Didn't ya?
Rubbed another hole in her?
Tell her to stop phoning up and bloody annoying fucken entertainers!
The nuisance, for letting these woman think your bloody pissweak, not looking after ya mother.
Ha ha ha ha!

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Heckler's Mum Tongues Rude Causing Asthma Attack song meanings
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