Hey now,
when did all that pretty sunshine
find its way into your cave
and show you how to behave?

And when did
the ocean crawl under your eyelids
and pour out into the sky
so all the clouds could cry?

Don't you know it's much better to listen to your heart than your mind?

being directed towards destruction:
where did the message go wrong?
And who silenced their song?

producing progress for violence:
another abused tool
for those who make the rules
(and break them too).

Now who the hell put this world into the hands of fools?
(I don't know, but I'll tell you right now it wasn't me!)

Well everyone keeps talking about some brand new war,
but it seems like it started the day men were born.
And I wonder when you will climb down from your trees
and stop throwing rocks at me.

We're your heretics, your heathens, no we do not believe
in your dogmatic traditional theology.
Your scientific method is an outdated doctrine
of your fanatical regime.

And reason will never suffice in place of honest feeling!

You can call it intuition, you can call it strange,
or supernatural but hey nature's everything.
But just because you've only seen the earth from your feet
doesn't mean you lack any wings.
And the world will keep on changing right under your nose
and once you think you have it figured out - NOPE! There it goes...
It's like trying to describe the weather outside
from behind a window.

But you ain't never gonna find your soul looking through a, looking through a microscope!

So you can label us insane. (and you do)
You can lock us in a cage. (Goddammit, don't do that too)
You can burn us at the stake. (and all we write and create)
But you won't ever ever stop the change. That's right now
No, you won't ever stop the change.
No you won't ever stop the change.
No, you, you wont ever ever stop the change
No you, you wont ever stop the change

And now it's time for history to turn to the next page...

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