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Sometimes the illest cats won't get record deals
Sometimes the illest cats roam the streets
underground legends
cats you never heard of but everybody know they the nicest
this for them cats...

When I design rhyme in daylight or primetime
I'm a stay tight
I walk the fine line between an MC and a play-write
I represent the underground world, it's a unique scene
there's no record deals, no videos or street-teens
I do shows to keep green, I know I'm not a star man
I'm signed to myself and my mic's my A&R man
in double'9 I guess it's just the sign of the times
the spotlight that I've been lookin' for is finally mine
I never thought about the dough when I'm designing my rhyme
Long as I can reach my peoples over vinyl, I'm fine
it ain't about that
I opened up for cats who ain't as dope as me
while I rip the flow they lip sync the show hopelessly
from heaven, I was sent the game to entertain
I might never pimp that '75 or cop the blue RangeRover
but even if I don't remain sober
I'm a score double digits til the fuckin game's over

Canibus: "whether they signed or unsigned"
Redman : "Not platinum on wax but platinum in the streets"

I dont' care if I'm right, wrong, or in-between
all night long I pimp the scene
they said I couldn't write songs, I intervene
don't think because the battle rhymes are what I'm known for
I can out-write the best of 'em and rip the microphone raw
my words are deep, keep my tape handy when ya buzzin'
let my thoughts seap inside ya dome, tell a cousin, a friend
play my CD when ya guzzlin' gin
come down but then recite it when ya buzzin' again
you must respect the flow, point-blank I'm a professional
acceptin no less than excellent, that's how the session go
Embracin my rhyme, when I'm gone who's replacin' mine?
I trace the line that transcends all space & time
I implement infinite lyrics that are intricate
The type of shit discussed by Mob bosses eatin shrimp & shit
Those with intellect, they understand the way I wrote it
But the average mind could take 5 years to decode it

Canibus: "whether they signed or unsigned"
Redman : "Not platinum on wax but platinum in the streets"

Gradually I drift off imaginin' me the baddest MC
Wonder what my status'll be
A little local battle MC who never made the grade
or a gifted lyricist who used to spit with razorblades
Everytime I win the battle, they disectin' my words
I'll prob'ly never get the props or the respect I deserve
The magazines claim I wrote my battle-rhymes like they knew me then they wanna call the next day & fuckin interview me
Do I really have props? Is it really that stable,
When they ask me to freestyle when I walk up in the labels?
When they take me for lunch & drinks inside they limos
And fuck around and play me somebody else's demo
J.U. Ya'll niggaz all know what his name is
The cat that got famous for never bein famous
I'll prolly roam the underground streets for all time
Signed sincerely, Juice the unsigned.

*whether they signed or unsigned*

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