The sun is shining in the night
Zombies walking in the broad day light
Zombie he done lost his soul
Zombie he don't ever get old

Lord of darkness king of light
Come, come here on this stormy night
There is no star in the sky
I see fire in the dead man's eye

Touch me, touch me, fix my hand
Let me see what's in the sand
Man is boy, and boy is man
There ain't no boss there ain't no man

I'll spit my spit in your spit
Then let seven snakes come up from the pit
I'll stand under this mango tree
till you come, come to me

A spider crawled across my face
Spreading its web on the human race
Jingo, Jingo he ain't dead
He can see from the back of his head

They tied ten onions 'round my naval string
Then they cut it and they baked it and made it into a ring
Come on Shango, Satan come to me
Let me speak what I can't see

Mama Loi, Papa Loi
I see fire in the dead man's eye

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    My InterpretationI view it as a song against the evil ways of this world that lie to the humans through the most powerful way possible: the government. "Spreading it's web on the human race," well what form of power tells everyone everything and controls the law book? That's the way I see it. In the end times, the government will be nothing but tyrannical as prophecied in the Book of Revalations. The zombies are the mindless humans that unwillingly follow evil government in the end times. I also think the song's an apocalypse style warning to get your life straightened out and to never let the devil get to your mind. Verses 4 and 6 tell about "the evil ways coming to get him," which would be killing him for his religion and standing up for God. The song clearly draws from zombie apocalypse stories. Whether the song is about the government or not, it's clearly against the devil, or else he wouldn't talk about how horrid and evil the enemies of God are. I hope I start no heated arguments with this comment, but it's my interpretation.
    Grungemanon December 13, 2013   Link
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    General CommentThe line I related most to was 'Man is boy and boy is man' since I think alot about narcissistic consumer culture (zombies) and arrested development. I agree with the above poster that the song's outlook is apocalyptic, so at 'end times' or whatever the natural order is inverted, the adults are children and the children are adults, mixed up roles in all the helter skelter. Down is up and up is down. There is no boss because there are no men, the fathers are gone the families are broken, THE Father, the whole archetype is screwy so there's no one to teach the true ways of life to forthcoming generations, an inherited degeneracy like that poet guy Robert Bly is always on about. Compounding ignorance as humanity spins further and further away from nature while the age winds down. Amazing album so far, this is also my shaky interpretation so yeah no fights needed
    Denialworldon February 25, 2016   Link

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